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The Birds (of Paradise) Are The Words

It’s Friday, again friends! Ah, Friday, we work toward it all week, don’t we? What are your weekend plans? The Ancaster Fair kicked off last night, and it runs until Sunday. All signs point to a summery feel for the weekend, so it might be a good one to spend outdoors if possible.


If you are a fair-goer during this time of year – and Ontario has LOTS of them to choose from – what’s your favourite part? Are you into the rides or the midway games? Maybe you like the demolition derby (always a classic) or the entertainment. Or maybe you’re the kind of person who really gets into the animals. All those prize-winning cows and pigs and chickens? Where else are you going to get to see those?!


We have had animals – especially birds – on the brain after last week’s post about Aveda’s new Birds of Paradise makeup collection for Autumn 2017, and now, a new little teaser video has been released via Aveda’s YouTube channel. This one features the upcoming Birds of Paradise hair colour collection, and it is as glorious as you are imagining!

The video is bright and colourful, features a variety of hair lengths, types, and colours (of course) and also offers a shout out to the Audubon Society, which you can read here:


“No creature is quite as magical as a bird — they inspire and remind us of our connection to the Earth. The new Aveda Autumn/Winter 2017 collection, Birds of Paradise, is a celebration of their unparalleled beauty.
The colors, textures, movement, and shapes of exotic birds come to life in the collection’s hair and makeup looks. Hair is smooth or tousled — or a blend of both. Color flows from one tone to another with every turn, glossy and shining with reflective light, and feathery, asymmetrical cuts show how beautiful it is to fly free.
We are grateful to the National Audubon Society for allowing us to use their feather imagery as a backdrop and inspiration for this collection. Audubon holds one of the highest ethical standards for bird photography and believes that respect for birds and their habitats is more important than securing the perfect shot. For more information, visit


This is a fantastic resource for photographers – professional and amateur alike – and we think it’s wonderful that Aveda, for their new line of hair colour and makeup, has featured it.


So if you’re off to the fair, and have the opportunity to check out some exotic birds – even some chickens can be pretty colourful, we’ve been told – have a look at the way the colours blend and move and shift as the bird moves. Then think about applying some of those principles to hair colour. Who knows, you might just get inspiration for your next look from a bird! Nothing wrong with that, friends.


Have a great weekend, whatever you’re up to, and we will see you back here Tuesday! Cheers!

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