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Tuesday Is For Texture Tonic Talk

Sorry for all the alliteration, but we’re back with another Tuesday post, and this one comes after a supremely busy #HamOnt weekend! Did you attend Locke Street Festival on Saturday? Or maybe you were a die hard Supercrawler? We don’t blame you at all if you’re still feeling the effects of all that walking, standing, dancing, drinking, and eating (seriously, how many amazing things were there to eat at BOTH festivals?!? Soooo good!) Hard to believe it’s all over for another year, but what a great time, and what perfect weather. Let’s hope all the upcoming fall fairs and other festivals have such incredibly cooperative weather too.


Today, we want to introduce you to something that might just become your new best friend – especially on days where you need to get yourself ready in a hurry (post-festival back-to-work vibes, anyone???)


Aveda is excited to introduce new Texture Tonic, the product that gives you beachy, natural looking waves, while still allowing your hair to be soft and touchable. 


If you love the look of waves, and that casual beach day kind of style but don’t love the “crunchiness” that often comes along for the ride, then Texture Tonic is what you definitely need. From the website:


“Define and enhance natural texture and create piecey definition that looks effortlessly undone. Magnesium sulfate helps contract and compress hair, instantly creating piecey, defined texture. Cane sugar is a natural humectant that helps provide a soft, touchable texture infused with natural shine.”


There will likely be a LOT more to say about this product once it hits the shelves at Willow (soon, we promise!) and we are definitely planning to bring you more information down the road. For now, you can check out this brief little promo video from Pure Aveda Salonspa, who has a really great YouTube channel if you want to check out what else they have to offer too!

Think about it though: soft waves, effortless style, with little effort. Sounds to us like this product was MADE for Monday mornings, and all those other times when you want to look fab, but you just don’t have the time!


So keep eyes peeled for this at the salon – and of course, we will definitely let you know as soon as we’ve got it in stock. Much like the dry shampoo, we have a feeling this one will become a bestseller almost immediately!


Have a great week, friends. We’ll be back on Friday with – it should be safe to say it now – some new fall trends. Chat with you then!


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