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Tuesday Tools: Get Cleanin’!

Good morning, everyone, we hope you had a wonderful Labour Day weekend and were able to send summer off in style. Now, we know that summer doesn’t officially end until later this month, but the unofficial summer is usually over on the first day of school, and that is, as you are likely very aware, today.


Lots of little kids off to school for their very first day ever, and of course there are lots who are heading into their final year, and then there is everyone in between! Elementary, secondary, post-secondary, adults returning to classes for upgrading skills, young people beginning apprenticeships…it’s all learning, isn’t it? And learning that can set you up for a lifetime of necessary skills and habits. Provided we have the tools for the learning that needs to take place, we can do anything.


And tools is what we’re going to talk about today – Tuesday tools, as we’ve always said has a nice ring to it!


Think about the tools used in schools today, so many are so completely different than what those of us of a certain age remember (ahem.) We tend to think of kids heading off with their pencils, math sets, crayons, notebooks…but think about how these kinds of tools have evolved, and now consider laptops, tablets, e-readers and the like. Or, think about those heading to trade schools and the tools necessary for carpentry, plumbing, and electrical work. These tools – all of them – are an investment, and one we definitely want to take care to protect.


Now, think about the other tools you use on a daily basis. Some of the most hard-working tools you probably have in your house may also be some of the most neglected, so today we are going to remedy that by giving you the tools you need to clean and take care of these workhorses: your hair and makeup brushes.


If you’re someone who spends time every month or so cleaning their hair and makeup tools, well you can probably just go pat yourself on the back and stop reading right here! But for everyone else – and, we suspect the majority of readers – you’ll want to keep reading for care tips for these essential tools that are such a part of our everyday routines.


Let’s start with Real Simple, one of our absolute favourites for those kinds of “Huh, I didn’t know that!” revelations and ideas. Their tips in How to Clean Your Makeup Brush Like a Pro are simple (hence the name of the magazine!) and effective.

Photo from Into the Gloss

Into the Gloss gives us insider information with their short and sweet guide called How the Experts Clean Their Brushes, and Teen Vogue offers a detailed step-by-step for us in The Complete Guide to Washing Your Makeup Brushes – Yes, You Need To.


And what about your hair brush? We’ve got help for those too, starting with a short video, again, from Real Simple, our cleaning and maintenance go-to people! There is also this guide from The Beauty Department, and Clean My Space has a nice little video and illustrated step-by-step how-to to get you started.


Are you convinced? Sometimes we take these daily tools for granted, in a way that we never would with our laptops, tablets, etc. Good – and even mediocre – makeup and hair brushes are still an investment and need the same kind of TLC that we afford our electronics and other daily use tools, and we hope these links will get you thinking – and cleaning!


Have a great week, everyone, we’ll see you back here for more on Friday.

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