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Big Hair, Don’t Care

What do the words “big hair” mean to you? If you’re of a certain vintage *ahem* the idea of big hair might conjure up some epic 80s hair – sky-high bangs, great big perms, teasing for daaaays and a whole lotta hairspray!

Or maybe you go back a little further to the 1970s and the epic walls of highly feathered locks – also complete with hairspray to keep all that style in place. Go back even further to pompadours, beehives, and bouffants and then…ok, we’ll stop it there before we get all the way back to good ol’ Marie Antoinette, etc.

But you likely get the picture.

And no, we’re not here to tell you to get out your teasing combs or to book that perm (unless you’re feeling it, then go for it!) but if you’re looking to add a little bigness to your ‘do, we ARE here to tell you that Aveda has a tonic for that.

Our friends at the Living Aveda blog have put together a really nice little roundup of all the Aveda tonics for us – Texture Tonic, Thickening Tonic, and Volumizing Tonic – and what they can do for your hair. It’s a handy guide to help you choose the right product to achieve the look you want, for whenever you want it! 

Looking for easy, breezy, beachy waves? The newest member of the tonic family, Texture Tonic has you covered. This is one product that we highlighted in the summer when no one wanted to mechanically dry their hair, but we all still wanted a polished look. Texture Tonic can do that for you, no problem!

Want to add fullness to your hair, making it seem like you have a lot more hair than you do? Thickening Tonic is the product for you in that case. Spray on damp hair, and heat style for a gorgeous, bouncy professional-looking blowout!

Finally, Volumizing Tonic is a great go-to when you want to add some lift at the roots – no teasing comb required! A little volume can make all the difference in your style, and give you that just-styled look throughout your day.

Get all the details and more tips on the Living Aveda blog, and start planning your next “big hair” look!

Have a great weekend, everyone! Enjoy, and we will chat with you again on Tuesday.

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