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Deep Diving Into Denim: Fall Fashion Part II

Happy day after Thanksgiving, friends! We hope you had a stellar long weekend filled with all your favourite foods and activities. We certainly can’t complain about the weather. Even Monday, although it started out rainy and damp came into its own sunshiney happiness later in the day. So if you were pumpkin patching, apple picking, or just chowing down on some Thanksgiving pie goodness, you had cooperation from Mother Nature at least!


We promised you a kind of fall fashion series here on the blog, and we are about to continue to make good on that promise. Today we have installment number two in the series and this one is all about the denim.


In a lot of ways, denim should maybe be taken off the radar for spring, summer, fall AND winter fashions, because it is always everywhere. But the interesting thing about denim is its extreme versatility, and its ability to reinvent itself – seasonally.


Ok, that makes it sound like denim is some sort of sentient being that is capable of thought and morphing abilities, and that is not at all what we are trying to convey. Rather it’s the designers that have the uncanny ability to turn denim – just regular old everyday denim – into something that we want to continually put on our bodies. And can you blame them?


Denim is a fantastic fabric. It’s durable, long-lasting, and can be as chic or as casual as you want it to be. What’s not to love? This season, true to form, designers have amped up our love affair with the old standby once again,  and we are ready to present to you the Fall 2017 denim trend for your consideration.


Who What Wear has a great gallery of The Denim Trends Everyone is Wearing in Paris, and how is that for extremely fancy? The looks themselves run the gamut from wide leg jeans to denim corsets and off-the-shoulder denim dresses. There is A LOT going on with these looks and frankly, we are here for them.


Our pals at PopSugar have a nod to the return of skinny jeans – a look we thought had left us but turns out that was just fleeting. And their argument for letting skinnies back into your life is compelling, honestly. It helps that they have a large gallery of great skinny-related looks to change our collective minds too. Hmmm….what are your thoughts on bringing skinny back?

Refinery29 also shows us what’s hot in denim, and to be honest, it seems like anything goes. Short, boxy denim jackets, wide, wide flares, maxi skirts, and one-piece denim jumpsuits give us loads of options as we transition deeper into fall.


A small note should also be said about the different washes of our denim trends. If you’re paying attention, you’re likely to see a lot of dark wash denim AND lots of light wash too. And perhaps, in one of the most triumphant comebacks of all time, a certain amount of acid wash is on our radar. Yes, you read that correctly, acid wash is making an appearance.


If you were part of the acid wash trend back in the day, you may not be interested in reliving that, but if you’re new to the scene, well, you might just be intrigued by that acid wash goodness. It’s all about what you feel most comfortable in, what most speaks to you, and what you like aesthetically. For example, if you’re feeling the Canadian tuxedo, friends, we want you to embrace it. You won’t get any judgement from us.


And on that note, we’re wrapping up today’s post, but we’ll see you back here on Friday for more from the fashion world. See you then!


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