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Fashion For Fall, Fall For Fashion!

Can we talk? There’s a subject we’ve been dying to bring up, but we just haven’t found the right moment. First it was too early. Then, the timing could have been right, but it was too hot. But now! Now seems like the perfect time to start a conversation about…


Fall. Fashion.


Yessssss! We’ve been seeing it for weeks, and finally – finally – we are able to actually wear it, to actually put it on our bodies, without,  you know,  bursting into flames. Ok that might be a little bit dramatic, but you get the point. When the weather is an unseasonal 40C, no one wants to be thinking about fall ANYthing. Even pumpkin spice latte sales were way down…ok fine, we have no proof of that, but it’s probably true…


ANYWAY, back to the fashion. If you’ve been eyeing sweaters and boots, tights and jackets, now is your time, friends.


One of the things about fall fashion – well, every season’s fashion, really – is that there is so much of it! So we are going to spend the next few blog posts talking trends (likely with some Aveda, Willow, and other newsy bits thrown in) so that we can cover it all, without resorting to writing a 10,000 word manifesto on the specific details of puffer jackets, you know?


So, to kick things off, and because we’re still juuuuust into fall temperatures, and we know lots of you are still craving that summer vibe, let’s talk about one of the big trends for fall 2017…florals!


Now wait a second, aren’t florals usually kind of a spring/summer thing? Well, yes. And no. Yes, because they are for sure for those seasons, and no because now they are also translating to fall attire, and we are LOVING what we are seeing so far! 


Vogue has a lovely gallery of all things flowery, but these florals are less Laura Ashley, and more straight up sophistication. Darker for fall too, we’re seeing loads of black, red, dark greens and blues. And often the flower is a motif, or a theme, rather than an all-over pattern, which takes it to another level of elegance.


Then there’s this from Harper’s Bazaar:


“But florals are everywhere, and they’re heady, usually set against vivid dark backgrounds (Alexander McQueen, Isabel Marant, Altuzarra, Michael Kors, and countless others), and sophisticated rather than twee: You can picture a gallerista wearing them.” 


There’s that word again – sophisticated. These aren’t your grandma’s floral prints! Or, maybe they are! Who’s to say your grandma isn’t a fashionista extraordinaire?! Not us!


PopSugar also helps us jump on the flower bandwagon with the look they are calling Modern Folklore. Kind of a nod to traditional cultural attire with rich colours in tapestry-like patterns, detailed embroidery, and yes, lots of flowers!


And it’s not just clothing that’s making the floral statement, you’ll also see it in shoes and boots this fall. Once again PopSugar has everything you need to know about this season’s boot trends with The Ultimate Fall Boot Guide For 2017.

Well, there you have it. Just one of dozens of trends for you to get behind for fall 2017. We’ll bring you more over the next few posts, although we are still not sure we will highlight the return of the fanny pack…just doesn’t seem quite right, but hey, if you want to know the ins and outs of the fanny pack trend, just let us know. We aim to serve our readers!


Have a great week, everyone! See you Friday for another Friday Five!


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