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T-Minus Seven Days…

Happy Tuesday, and Happy One Week Til Halloween!


That’s right, we are exactly seven days out from October 31st the spookiest night of all nights! The Halloween season has been upon us for quite some time, of course. It feels like once Labour Day is over, we start seeing the orange and black pretty much everywhere. And then, after Thanksgiving, well it is just ON.


Since there are only a few days left to get planning for any potential parties, work events, or costume parades, we thought we would share a few of our favourite looks from this year’s crop of Halloween-inspired makeup.


Are you a big fan of the season? If so, there’s a good chance you are all set in the costume department. You’ve probably got everything you need to get your spooky on, and you’re just waiting out the week until it’s time to put it all together.


You might also be an excited Halloween-er, but you’ve been busy, with no time to even think about a costume, never mind make or shop for one. Or maybe you’re the kind of person who is kind of meh when it comes to the Halloween hype, but you feel compelled to wear something festive when the day rolls around…we’re feeling you. 


For those of you who are in these last two categories – last minute or reluctant Halloween folks – don’t worry! Our guide to the guides should give you some inspiration.


Let’s start with PopSugar and their gallery of looks from makeup artists. A lot of these are scary good! (Get it? Scary!) Now these ones, coming from the pros, are definitely a high level of difficulty. But don’t worry! It’s all about the inspiration. Take a few minutes to scroll through and see if anything catches your eye!

Photo from Marie Claire

Still feel a bit overwhelmed by some of those intensely intricate looks? Not to worry. PopSugar also has Easy Halloween Costumes You Can Create With Black Liquid Liner. Ahhhh, that’s more like it. Easy peasy, right? And, now that you’ve seen some of those, you can probably think of a few more that you can make work too. That’s what’s so great about these kinds of articles – inspiration is everywhere!


Marie Claire has a good pop culture-inspired roundup of Halloween makeup looks too. Everything from the Snapchat rainbow vomit filter, to Edward Scissorhands. Again, some of these require serious makeup application chops, but others are a bit more basic. And this page will take you to more makeup ideas, (complete with video instruction!) easy DIY costumes, and that old perennial favourite, costumes to avoid – not because they’re hard to pull off, but because they’re cultural appropriation and/or offensive, and just plain wrong. 

Photo from PopSugar


So if Halloween is your jam, we hope that we have helped give you some ideas for who or what to become for one night. And still with a week left for planning!


We’ll say it now, and remind you later in the week, we would LOVE to see some of your costume ideas! Let us know your plans and send us photos if you can! We’ll share them here on the blog (with your permission of course) so others can get inspired.

Have a great week, everyone. See you back here on Friday for more fun!


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