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Monthly Archives: November 2017

Sustainability Rewarded!

Welcome to Tuesday! We hope you all had a lovely weekend AND that you were able to pop into Willow to take advantage of our Friends & Family Day specials. So many deals, so little time! Well, actually, there was ample time, really – Friday and Saturday – so we hope you were able to…

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Happy Friends and Family Day!

Did you notice anything weird in the space/time continuum this week? Anything catch your eye that might have been…well, odd? Something just a little…off? Ok, well in case you hadn’t noticed, your blogging team was SO excited for today’s Friends & Family event at Willow that we somehow managed to post our blog entry for…

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BIG NEWS: The Holidays are Happening at Willow!

Good morning! Back on Friday, we promised you a special announcement, and we are about to deliver on that promise!   This coming Friday, November 24th is Friends and Family Day at Willow Salon!   Hooray!    So. What does this mean? Well, for starters, we will have 20% off all – ALL – Aveda…

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Light Up Your Life

It’s Friday again, and honestly, where do the weeks go?!? November is one of those months that can feel endless – what with the changing of the clocks and it getting darker earlier in the day and all. November is also known for cold rain and winds, and overall gloom, although this November has been…

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A Show of Hands: Hand Relief for the Holidays…and Beyond!

Good morning, and a happy Tuesday to all – almost smack dab in the middle of November as of today aren’t we? Hands up, who feels November is flying by? Hmmmm, ok, and keep those hands up, who also feels there are just not enough days and weeks left between now and those big looming…

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Launching Full Swing Into The Holidays: Snowy Friday Edition

Good morning, and happy Friday! We hope you’ve had a good week so far, and if today is the start of your weekend, well welcome to it!   We are about to step up our holiday content here on the Willow Salon blog, because, as someone pointed out just yesterday, there are only 44 days…

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Tuesday Talking Points: A Reminder

Good morning and welcome to Tuesday! We hope everyone had a great weekend, that you used that extra hour wisely, and are now ready to launch right into the second full week of November.   If you’ve been to Willow in the past few days, you probably saw the place looking extremely festive! All our…

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Falling Back

Happy Friday, friends! Did you feel that sudden WHOOSH in the air on Wednesday? Within hours of Halloween ending, we were full-on into the next big holiday season. So long pumpkin spice, make way for peppermint and gingerbread! It happens literally overnight! Ah, well if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Or so they say….

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