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A Show of Hands: Hand Relief for the Holidays…and Beyond!

Good morning, and a happy Tuesday to all – almost smack dab in the middle of November as of today aren’t we? Hands up, who feels November is flying by? Hmmmm, ok, and keep those hands up, who also feels there are just not enough days and weeks left between now and those big looming holidays? Aha, we thought so.


And, you know, since there are probably more than a few hands raised, let’s take a look at those hands. How are they looking? And feeling? Now that the temperature has dropped have you noticed any changes? After washing your hands, doing the dishes, applying hand sanitizer to keep the approaching wintery germs at bay…is there dryness there now that wasn’t apparent mid-summer? Not surprising! It won’t be long before much of our skin is feeling dry, tight, and even itchy or blotchy. Thanks, winter! 


Our hands likely feel it first, since they are the part of us most exposed to the elements – second only perhaps to our faces. Ah, but our faces tend to get the TLC that our hands may not. We typically moisturize our faces, use sunscreen to keep the sun’s rays away, and we might even amp up our cleansing and moisturizing routine this time of year. Again, hands up if you’ve got a summer cleanser/moisturizer combo AND a winter one? So our faces? Likely pretty well taken care of.


Our hardworking hands could really use the same kind of TLC, and with perfect timing, Aveda has introduced a gorgeous Hand Relief gift set for the holidays!


If you’re familiar with Hand Relief, you probably know what a great hand cream this is. One application can last through three separate hand washes – which is amazing this time of year. Proper and frequent handwashing is our best defense against winter illnesses like flu, and knowing that you can wash and wash and wash your hands as needed and they’ll stay moisturized is a real bonus.


For the holidays, not only does this set come in a lovely wrapping – remember last week when we talked about the handcrafted paper from women in Nepal – but Aveda has also introduced Hand Relief in three new aromas for the season. Experience Hand Relief in comforting candrimā™, calming shampure™ and uplifting beautifying aromas.

If your hands could really use some extra help, consider Aveda’s Hand Relief Night Renewal Serum. Much like a serum you might use as part of your nightly skincare routine, this serum is applied and left on overnight for deep penetrating moisturizing effect. It also works to reduce those pesky spots and to even out skin tone, which just might be the greatest gift of all.


No need to hide those hands anymore! Raise them high for whatever you want, and keep them soft and smooth this winter with Aveda’s Hand Relief.


Have a great week, friends. We’ll see you back here on Friday!

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