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Light Up Your Life

It’s Friday again, and honestly, where do the weeks go?!? November is one of those months that can feel endless – what with the changing of the clocks and it getting darker earlier in the day and all. November is also known for cold rain and winds, and overall gloom, although this November has been anything but that. Even looking toward this coming weekend, temperatures are going to return to the double digits. It can be tough to get into that holiday frame of mind when we’re still breezing along like feeling like it’s early fall.


Well, in order to snap you out of that fantasy, just know that two weeks from today is December 1st. For real. And so now we might just need to force that holiday frame of mind, no matter what, right? Yikes!


An easy way to get into the spirit is of course through decorating. Whether you go full-on Griswold with a massive display of outdoor lights, electric light-up reindeer, and inflatable Snoopy and Santa, or you’re a bit more understated with a few lights here and there, one super easy way to start the season off right is through candles.


Some people burn candles year round, of course, but a lot of us might remember a time when candles were specific to the holiday season. They may not have even been scented, to be honest, but the candles definitely would make an appearance at the start of December.  


Candles of our youth were likely of the paraffin variety. They would drip, burn, and smoke, and so sometimes they were literally just decorative. Don’t light those candles, just enjoy looking at them! Today, of course, we have better choices.


Aveda has, for the holiday season, their limited edition candrimā soy wax candle, which is absolutely gorgeous and designed to be burned! Soy wax burns more evenly, and burns clean – without all that smoke – and the scent of ginger and ginger lily is not to be missed.

Aveda has other candles to give and receive in order to beautify your home for the holidays – or year round – including a soy wax candle with the shampure aroma. This candle burns and releases the calming aroma of shampure – and who doesn’t need a little calming during this about-to-be busiest time of the year?!


So consider Aveda for not only holiday gifts but also holiday decorating! Visit Willow to experience candrimā or shampure in candle form, and let the celebrating begin.


Have a great weekend, everyone. We’re back Tuesday as usual, with a special announcement…stay tuned!


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