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Tuesday Talking Points: A Reminder

Good morning and welcome to Tuesday! We hope everyone had a great weekend, that you used that extra hour wisely, and are now ready to launch right into the second full week of November.


If you’ve been to Willow in the past few days, you probably saw the place looking extremely festive! All our holiday packages and products are in and on display, and Gray’s Florist has done (as usual) an amazing job decorating the salon for the season. As we mentioned in a previous post, the holiday season seems to come on fast once Halloween is over! And this is always Willow’s absolute busiest season of all, so we are ensuring we are well prepared to serve our clients once the holiday party and festivities kick into high gear.


Having said that, today we do want to spend a bit of time chatting about our salon policies, specifically our policy of keeping a credit card on file for missed or abruptly canceled appointments. You likely know that Willow, like most salons and other service businesses, requires 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. This is pretty standard practice – everyone from your dentist to your aesthetician – appreciates advance notice so gaps in the schedule can be filled.


Further to that, now in order to hold an open appointment, we are asking for a credit card from all our clients – whether it’s your first visit to Willow, or you’ve been with us since the beginning – to keep on file. This is strictly in the event that an appointment is missed, the salon won’t suffer a loss. It’s a policy that a lot of salons and other independent businesses like ours are moving to. No-shows and day-of cancellations can really hurt a small salon like Willow. We just don’t have the walk-in traffic that some larger salons might have that can help to pick up some of that slack. For us, a no-show really does mean a no-show, and the reality is that the salon and your stylists take a hit financially.


Of course, we all have super busy schedules, and sometimes it’s hard to keep track of absolutely everything, which is why Willow also has the policy of calling clients the day before their scheduled appointment. It’s a nice little memory jog, and if it happens that you actually can’t make that day and time after all, we can reschedule you right there and then, and contact someone on our cancellation list who can hopefully fill that gap. Easy peasy! It’s all part of ensuring Willow remains as productive and busy as possible, in order to best serve our clients.


As always, thanks for reading! Have a wonderful week, and we will be back here on Friday.


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