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Monthly Archives: December 2017

Happy New Year!

Good morning! It’s Friday, it’s the 29th of December, and this means there are only three (including today) days left of this old year. Yes indeed we are about to turn the lights out on 2017, and welcome in 2018. And if you’re like most of the population – at least of this part of…

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Boxing Day Vibes: Recycle!

Good morning, and Happy Boxing Day! We hope you all had a lovely Christmas Day, and that you’re doing plenty of relaxing, and plenty of recovering from the big weekend. It’s Tuesday, so we are here back on the blog, but we are still in a kind of vacation sweet spot, to be honest. So,…

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Holiday Potpourri!

Good morning! And a lovely snowy morning it is on the last Friday before Christmas! Have you been dreaming of a white Christmas? Well, it looks like our dreams might just be coming true. Today is also the last school day and potentially the last work day for a lot of us too, and the…

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Aveda + Ayurveda = S.O.S. (Save Our Skin!)

Happy Tuesday! And happy last week before Christmas, AND happy final night of Chanukah! We hope you’re enjoying the season and all its festivities, that you’re taking time to get together with friends and family, and everyone you love. Whether that means massive family dinners, small intimate gatherings with just a few friends, or even…

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More From Aveda and YouTube: Ho-Ho-Holiday Hair!

We are about halfway through the month of December, and how’s everybody doing? Are you making it? WILL you make it? Of course you will! There’s a lot going on, as always, but we are hoping you’re coping (kind of has a nice ring to it) and that you’re managing to take a little time…

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Feeling Festive? Share the Love at Willow!

Good morning, and a very happy snowy Tuesday morning to all! We got QUITE A BIT of snow, didn’t we? And for once it didn’t all come at the same time, it just kind of fell for a few hours, making everything all sparkly! Ah, snow. And yes, it’s a pain to clear, and may…

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What The World Needs Now

Happy Friday, everyone! We hope your week has been good, and that you’re looking forward to a fun weekend, whenever it might begin for you.   The holiday mode continues, as it does all through December every year, but for now we want to take a look ahead to what the new year might hold….

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Holiday Countdown: But What About You?

Good morning, and welcome back to the blog and to the week! How was your weekend? Are things starting to get a little bit busy? We know that holiday parties and get-togethers have started happening, and of course, there’s all the shopping, meal planning, school activities – if you have kids, grandkids, nieces, and nephews,…

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Video Tutorial Friday: Get Set For The Holidays!

Happy December, friends! It totally IS December 1st, although we know many of you just aren’t ready for it to BE December 1st, but that’s the calendar for you. It just keeps moving on along, whether we’re ready for it or not.   And while we here at the Willow Salon blog can’t do all…

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