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Aveda + Ayurveda = S.O.S. (Save Our Skin!)

Happy Tuesday! And happy last week before Christmas, AND happy final night of Chanukah! We hope you’re enjoying the season and all its festivities, that you’re taking time to get together with friends and family, and everyone you love. Whether that means massive family dinners, small intimate gatherings with just a few friends, or even just keeping to yourself when you feel you need to. It’s always good to be able to recognize when you’ve just had enough, honestly. And, of course, everyone’s level of enough will be different, won’t it? We all know people who sail through the holidays, hit every function, spend several days and nights in a row out and about, and always looking for the next fun thing! And then there are those who can deal with a party or two, but who might need to tap out early and then spend the next few nights chilling at home with Netflix and a warm beverage. And then, of course, there’s everyone in between!


And, whether you are a seasonal party animal or a seasonal stay-at-homer, there’s one thing we all require at this time of year and that is hydration. Seriously. And we’re not talking “make sure you drink lots of water if you’re going to be indulging in alcohol” hydration – although that IS important. We’re also talking steps we can take for our skin, in order to minimize the damage that our old nemesis, winter, can wreak on us.


Cold, freezing air. Extreme dryness due to heating systems. These are the enemies of our skin during winter, they can dry out our faces, hands, bodies, until the skin feels itchy, or even – in desperate situations – can crack and bleed. Who among us has not had cracked knuckles or even lips during the winter? The secret, as we are about to find out, is hydration, and hydration from the inside out.


The Living Aveda blog is always a good source of practical information and tips for living better, and their current post offers a few simple ideas we can put to use in order to prevent some of those more dramatic skin issues from taking hold during the extremes of the season.


These tips are all based on Ayurvedic practices and traditions, and while we probably get a sense of “Ahhh, of course, that makes sense!” while reading them, they might not be right in the forefront of our minds at all times, so this is a great article to return to time and again as the season progresses.


Getting more sleep, and honouring our circadian rhythms seems like a fantastic idea, but it’s a tough one to do during December. So many things pulling us in all directions, but if you can head to be a mere half hour earlier than your typical bedtime, your body will thank you in the long run.

Drinking water is always a good idea to help with hydration, but again, there are so many other delicious choices this time of year. The Living Aveda blog post also talks about upping your herbal tea intake or even just sipping on hot water with lemon – an easy way to get water into you and warm yourself up on the coldest days.


And while you might not be able to follow these plans exactly to the letter every single day, there is something to be said for having ideas like this at your fingertips. So if you find yourself with some downtime, take some of the advice, for your body’s sake.


Of course, Aveda can also help with keeping your skin hydrated, and the article outlines some of the most moisturizing of Aveda products to achieve a lovely glow, so you can tell winter “Bring your worst!”


Have a lovely week, everyone. May you find time for self-care at some point – even if it’s just a few minutes for a cup of tea. You deserve it.


See you Friday!


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