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Happy New Year!

Good morning! It’s Friday, it’s the 29th of December, and this means there are only three (including today) days left of this old year. Yes indeed we are about to turn the lights out on 2017, and welcome in 2018. And if you’re like most of the population – at least of this part of the world – you might just be counting the minutes until the next fresh start.


The new year does seem like the perfect time to make a fresh start, doesn’t it? After the excess and indulgences of December, we often make plans to change our ways. And we’re not just talking food and drink indulgences. Lots of us spend too much money throughout the holidays, and resolve to scale back. Some of us stay out or up too late, even when we have to get up for work or school the next day, just because “it’s the holidays!” and we’re trying to cram as much social activity in as possible in just a few short weeks.


So when you think about it, there is a LOT of pressure on poor January every year. January has become the month of resolutions, of plans to change our ways, of the “new you.” And, some would argue, the month of NO FUN AT ALL.


New Year’s resolutions are nearly as old as time. People have been promising themselves that “this is the year I will…” for almost ever, and, probably also with varying degrees of success too. Just like us modern types.


It’s fine to want to resolve to do whatever it is you want to resolve to do, but keep in mind, as we mentioned above, that is a lot of pressure on the first month of the year. If you create a list of 25 things you want to do, start doing, or do better, you’re likely to burn out before the middle of the month.


Also keep in mind that it is currently the coldest time of the year (here in the northern hemisphere anyway) and it’s in our human nature to want to hibernate, to stay cozy and warm and eat comfort foods. So if you’re unable to stick to your resolutions, honestly, it’s not your fault! It’s science!


However, if you do want to make a few changes, go for it. Keep in mind that experts suggest starting small, with achievable goals, measured out over a reasonable length of time.


Sharing your plans and your goals can also help, and social media can be a great place for this kind of sharing. Obviously, if your goals are a bit more personal you may not want them all over Facebook for everyone to see. But, in the case of some goals – say quitting smoking or walking three times a week – a little encouragement from friends and family can go a long way to helping you achieve what you’re striving for.

As always, there are lots of articles and tips this time of year, and we’ve collected a few for you to peruse if you’re interested:

How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions – from Psychology Today

Six Secrets of People Who Keep Their New Year’s Resolutions – from Fast Company

How to Actually Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions – from the New York Post

Why You Might Have An Easier Time Sticking to Your Resolutions in 2018 – from Refinery29 (astrology-based, but ok!)


There are a lot of similarities among these articles, and that’s a good thing, really. It shows that they’re all in agreement that smaller resolutions are more manageable, and therefore we are more likely to keep them.


And, if you’re not ready to make resolutions just yet, or you’re not planning to make any at all, that is perfectly fine too! There’s no rule that says we have to, and maybe you’re just not willing to put all that pressure on yourself – or on poor January!


Finally, however you’re planning to ring in the new year, we hope you have a wonderful time! Enjoy the festivities, friends, and once again thank you for reading the Willow Salon blog this year! We hope you’ve enjoyed the posts – both the silly and the serious – and we look forward to sharing more with you in 2018.


Happy New Year! See you soon!

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