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Holiday Potpourri!

Good morning! And a lovely snowy morning it is on the last Friday before Christmas! Have you been dreaming of a white Christmas? Well, it looks like our dreams might just be coming true.

Today is also the last school day and potentially the last work day for a lot of us too, and the anticipation of a few days off is WAY better than visions of sugar plums, honestly.

Of course, it’s not the last day of work for a lot of people who are working right up to Christmas Eve, and we salute those of you still heading to that daily grind. Your Willow Team is also working this weekend, taking care of clients and helping you choose those last minute gifts for friends and family at the salon. Gift sets, favourite products, gift certificates, and more! And remember the little Cake + Loaf pop-up ends this week too. Still lots of goodies to choose from! Be sure to take a look at Willow’s holiday hours posts here and on social media so you’re not left out!

There is still plenty of holiday cheer and festive spirit left in the year, and we hope you’re able to partake in as much as you possibly can – and want to. We’ve tried to do our bit to remind you all to take good care of yourselves this season, as well as the people closest to you. The holidays can be A LOT at times, but we do hope you enjoy them, and that you find some time to yourself amid all the hustle, bustle, and excitement.

And, for something fun and relevant for this time of year, have a look at this article How To Make Sure You Get Enough To Eat At Holiday Parties. Because now is not the time to skimp on festive eats! That’s what January is for, friends.

If you are celebrating this weekend, a very Merry Christmas to you all, from your friendly Willow blog team! We’ll be back Tuesday – Boxing Day – for anyone not out shopping the sales. Join us for a little post-Christmas chat, won’t you? Nothing formal, there might even be pyjamas involved, and possibly coffee with Baileys…’tis the season, after all.


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