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More From Aveda and YouTube: Ho-Ho-Holiday Hair!

We are about halfway through the month of December, and how’s everybody doing? Are you making it? WILL you make it? Of course you will! There’s a lot going on, as always, but we are hoping you’re coping (kind of has a nice ring to it) and that you’re managing to take a little time for yourself when you can, too.


This is the weekend when a LOT of parties start to happen. Next weekend? Well, that’s cutting it a little close to the big day, if you’re celebrating the big day known as Christmas Day, you know? So this seems to be the party weekend, although it could be said that every weekend from mid-November through to January 1st is a party weekend! And, if you’re lucky enough to be heading to a party or two or three this weekend, we’ve got your hair sorted for you, don’t worry.


Once again, Aveda’s YouTube channel to the rescue!


The latest videos in their Holiday Hair Tutorial series have something for pretty much everyone. From beachy waves to sleek and straight to a pretty textured bun, you’re bound to find something that works for you!


The great thing about the tutorials is that you can do them at home yourself – this is basically what they’re designed for – OR if you know in advance that you have an event and you want to get your hair done up for it, you can also chat with your Willow stylist about recreating what you’ve seen in a video. Now obviously this needs to be something that works with your hair length, etc., but the videos are a really nice way to see what a style will look like and then give yourself over to the pros to make it happen for you.


Now granted, it’s probably going to be tough to get in with your stylist before January, unless you’ve already booked an appointment, but this idea is definitely something to keep in mind for another time.


So for now, grab your computer or your phone, cue up the holiday hair videos and take notes! And let’s see those amazing ‘dos! Send us a photo of your spectacular party hair and we can share it on the blog. ‘Tis the season for looking fab, after all.


Have a great, festive weekend everyone! We’re back here for you on Tuesday.



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