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Video Tutorial Friday: Get Set For The Holidays!

Happy December, friends! It totally IS December 1st, although we know many of you just aren’t ready for it to BE December 1st, but that’s the calendar for you. It just keeps moving on along, whether we’re ready for it or not.


And while we here at the Willow Salon blog can’t do all your holiday preparations for you, we can help in other ways! So far we’ve highlighted some fabulous Aveda gifts and gift ideas, and today we’re going to highlight some glam and relatively easy-to-create holiday hairstyles with the help of popular YouTuber and video blogger Felicia Lee!


Felicia has three really lovely hairstyle tutorials with three very different looks, all using Aveda’s new Texture Tonic! We told you back at the end of September about this amazing product, and it’s so great to see it continue to be featured!


We’ve featured these kinds of video tutorials before, and each vlogger has their own style of course. That’s the beauty of a platform like YouTube – you’re bound to find someone or several someones that you can relate to, and get some great ideas from them. Where would we be without YouTube, honestly?!? Probably wondering how to do glam hair and makeup, that’s where.


So now, let Felicia show you how to use Texture Tonic to create beachy waves, a half-braid bun, and a wavy side braid – just in time for impromptu holiday parties and get-togethers!



It would appear that Texture Tonic really CAN help with everything!

If you like Felicia’s style you can see more of her videos on her YouTube channel Coffee & Cashmere.

As always, thanks for reading! Have a lovely weekend, and we’ll chat again on Tuesday.




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