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Monthly Archives: January 2018

Got Questions?

Good morning, and welcome to an intensely snow-covered Tuesday morning! It’s hard to believe we were all walking around in just sweaters and light jackets on Sunday, isn’t it? Just minding our own business when bam – all the snow dumped on us yet again!   Well, no matter, it’s only January, so it’s to…

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Best Foot Forward

We are heading once again into the weekend, and with the final weekend of January upon us, who feels like it’s a good time to celebrate? We have (just about) made it through what always seems like the longest month of the year. The holidays are behind us – way, way behind us now –…

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Back on the Red Carpet: The SAG Awards

Welcome back to the blog and welcome to Tuesday!   It is so predictably Canadian to continue to talk about the weather, but honestly, what is going on? 8 degrees? Sun? Then fog advisories? And rain – maybe even some freezing rain? Is it January or March?!?   Well, we know it’s January and we…

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January Coping: We Have Tips!

Welcome back to Friday, friends. We hope you’ve had a stellar week, and that things are going well for you!   We are deep into the month of January now, and if the cold and the snow and the eternal darkness is getting you down, we have a few ideas to help you cope with…

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Learning and Celebration: A Willow Team Update!

Good morning and Happy Tuesday!   Your Willow team has been busy on our off days, and we’d like to take this opportunity to fill you in on what we’ve been up to.   First off, let’s go back to Saturday evening, and the Willow team Christmas party. Yes, yes, we are aware that it’s…

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Friday Feature: Textured, Casual, and Chic Hair Goals!

At the end of one of the strangest weeks – weather-wise, anyway – welcome back to the blog AND to another round of Aveda video tutorials!   And seriously, as an aside, what is UP with the weather?! It really is bonkers that we’re at about 12C right now with rain, and moving towards -5C…

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Best Beauty Trend For You? Astrology Has The Answer!

Good morning, friends! Hope your week is going well so far!   Can you believe we are into the second week of January? And although we are (temporarily at least) out of that deep, deep freeze, we are getting ever closer to that time in winter where we might start to feel particularly cooped up,…

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Aveda Introduces: Invati Advanced Scalp Revitalizer

Welcome to Friday and the end of the first short week of 2018! We hope you made it through intact, and ready to hit the ground running for the weekend. Or, you know, planning to go into hibernation for the weekend. Whatever you need, friends.   It’s always nice to be able to bring you…

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Winter Maintenance: Not Just For Your Vehicle!

Good morning, and happy new year! It’s officially 2018 now, and we hope your year is off to the best start possible.   Are you back to work today? Or did you have to work last week during that awkward time between the Christmas holiday and New Year’s Day? Or, maybe you’re among the people…

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