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Back on the Red Carpet: The SAG Awards

Welcome back to the blog and welcome to Tuesday!


It is so predictably Canadian to continue to talk about the weather, but honestly, what is going on? 8 degrees? Sun? Then fog advisories? And rain – maybe even some freezing rain? Is it January or March?!?


Well, we know it’s January and we also know that we have a lot of winter left – in spite of what it feels like out there – so let’s take our minds off that business and focus on something a little more interesting, shall we?


Specifically, today, let’s focus on the annual SAG – or Screen Actors Guild – Awards that were presented Sunday night! It’s been awhile since we’ve done a red carpet roundup, so let’s dive right in and see some of the best looks of the night.


For an enormous number of photos of celebs on the red carpet, we really need to look no further than the always on top of things PopSugar. There are some absolutely GLORIOUS outfits in this gallery, and you can definitely see a few themes emerging. Examples? Capes! Not the superhero kind, or even the matador kind, but cape-like sleeves, and long trains coming from the shoulder – true statements!


We also saw, in keeping with some of the predictions for fashion this year, a lot of florals, and we’ve showcased a few of our favourites here because they really are breathtaking.

Bright colours made an appearance on more than a few of our favourite stars, but by FAR the most gorgeous trend of the night belonged to the women looking like beautiful statues in metallic silver, pewter, and grey. Beyond stunning, and we’ve added a few here for your jaw-dropping benefit.

And, of course, it wouldn’t be the Willow blog if we didn’t highlight some of the great hair looks from the night, and luckily for us, Fashionista has some of the best ones. From Uzo Aduba’s old-Hollywood bombshell waves, to Margot Robbie’s chic blonde lob and Millie Bobby Brown’s beribboned double bun, there was variety galore, and some really lovely, lovely looks. Makeup, for the most part, was subtle and rosy – lots of pink on lips and cheeks – just that kind of sunkissed glow that we are so desperate for here in Ontario in January, no? Ah, let’s just live vicariously for now.


Enjoy the fashion, friends, and enjoy your week. See you back here on Friday!

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