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Best Beauty Trend For You? Astrology Has The Answer!

Good morning, friends! Hope your week is going well so far!


Can you believe we are into the second week of January? And although we are (temporarily at least) out of that deep, deep freeze, we are getting ever closer to that time in winter where we might start to feel particularly cooped up, stir-crazy, sick of the snow and ice and cold, and yet we know that there is still a lot of winter left. Ah yes, those days.


And even if you like winter, there will still perhaps come a time when you’re just tired of it. Tired of shoveling and of being cold; tired of clearing off your car and cleaning up after wet boots. So what’s a person to do?


Well, why not try a new beauty trend based on your zodiac sign?


Excuse me? Ha! Yes, you heard correctly! The latest thing for 2018 is to choose your beauty trends according to your sign. And sure, why not? It’s 2018, it’s the dead of winter…let’s play along, shall we?

Refinery29 kicks things off for us, and they have consulted with Jennifer Angel, astrologist and spiritual life coach, and she gives us the intel on which looks work for which signs:


“Angel says that your signs (yes, there are several based on your birth chart) are a connection to your spiritual self. So even if you don’t keep up with your weekly horoscope or know what a rising sign is, translating your astrologic personality into a beauty look is a creative expression of who you are. Plus, it pushes you out of your comfort zone so you can be your best self in what we expect to be an exciting year.”


Check out the slideshow here and find your perfect look!


Astrologers always have a lot of work at the end of one year and the beginning of the next. Everyone wants to know what the year has in store for them, and Hello Giggles definitely got on board with that as well. They consulted with astrologer Amelia Quint who gives us her roundup of what’s in the stars for your sign for this year – beauty-wise, anyway.


And, finally, Elite Daily also has their list of what each star sign needs to experiment with this year.


The great thing about these lists is that you don’t have to read through everything to find what you want to try, just skip right to your sign and see what’s in the cards…er, stars…for you!


If you don’t know your sign, you can always find it here.


So have a little fun, give your zodiac beauty look a try, and have a great week, everyone! See you Friday.

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