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Best Foot Forward

We are heading once again into the weekend, and with the final weekend of January upon us, who feels like it’s a good time to celebrate? We have (just about) made it through what always seems like the longest month of the year. The holidays are behind us – way, way behind us now – and we’re back in the routine of things, back in the swing of things, so yes, let’s celebrate!


And what are we celebrating? Why, you! Of course!


Don’t you think you deserve it? What with dealing with January and all? The wild, unpredictable weather? The long dark nights? The bills that started to arrive shortly after the holiday decorations came down? That’s right, it’s time for a little you time. And what better way to do that than with a relaxing pedicure…and one you can do at home, on your own.


Start with Aveda’s beautiful soaking salts in warm water, and let the stress-fix aroma melt away all the week’s difficulties, worries, and stresses. Organic lavender, lavandin, and clary sage all combine to create an aroma that helps with relaxation, and the sugar-based composition helps exfoliate skin. A perfect gift for your tired feet. They do an awful lot for you daily, show them some love!


For extra stress relief, while your feet soak, why not try the stress-fix concentrate in our portable rollerball format? Roll on wherever and whenever you’re feeling stress, and allow the aroma to soothe you.

If your feet require a little more attention, treat them to Aveda’s beautifying radiance polish. A gentle scrub with an invigorating aroma, this all-over body polish works wonders to eliminate dry skin, and reveal and soften the skin underneath. Dry winter air is the skin’s enemy, so also consider this body polish in the shower during this parched time of the year!


Finally, seal in moisture with a generous layer of foot relief moisturizing creme. This is one of Aveda’s best selling products – and for good reason! It’s a fantastic moisturizer for rough feet, and used on a regular basis it can keep feet feeling smooth and prevent cracks that can occur when the air is cold and dry. Not to mention applying it acts as a massage, which is always a good thing!


Now, has that got you thinking about taking some time for yourself and indulging in a foot soak, scrub, and moisturizing routine? GOOD. You deserve it, as we said. An hour or so can make a huge difference in our stress level, so if you’re feeling the stresses of January, this is a great way to fight back.


Enjoy the weekend when it gets here for you, friends.


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