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Friday Feature: Textured, Casual, and Chic Hair Goals!

At the end of one of the strangest weeks – weather-wise, anyway – welcome back to the blog AND to another round of Aveda video tutorials!


And seriously, as an aside, what is UP with the weather?! It really is bonkers that we’re at about 12C right now with rain, and moving towards -5C and snow later this afternoon, with a quick blast of freezing rain in between. What’s that old saying? If you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes and it will change? Seems pretty legit for this week, honestly.


But no matter! We’ve got a couple of fantastic hair tutorials to brighten your day and help you start your weekend off on the right foot.


These two videos, from YouTuber and beauty pro Chloe Coriolan, make excellent use of Aveda’s new Texture Tonic, and both looks are chic and on-trend, in a casual sort of way.


Take a look and you might just be inspired to try one this weekend, while you’re hiding from whatever it is that Mother Nature plans to throw at us later today!


Now, before we wrap it up for this week, we also wanted to share a little something with you. If you’re an avid Willow Salon blog reader, you probably remember our Friday Five. And you might even have been scratching your head and wondering whatever happened to that monthly segment? Well, we’ve decided that the Friday Five, while a fun glimpse into the lives of our Willow team was great, that it had kind of run its course – for the time being, at least. But! We are in the process of setting up another monthly feature to replace the good ol’ FF, and we will be bringing that to you beginning in the spring! So, something else to look forward to!

For now, though, we’ll say so long and see you back here on Tuesday. Have a great weekend, friends!

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