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Got Questions?

Good morning, and welcome to an intensely snow-covered Tuesday morning! It’s hard to believe we were all walking around in just sweaters and light jackets on Sunday, isn’t it? Just minding our own business when bam – all the snow dumped on us yet again!


Well, no matter, it’s only January, so it’s to be expected. And just think, Friday is Groundhog Day, so there’s always the chance our pal the groundhog will be predicting an early spring. We can always hope, can’t we?


For now, and to take our minds off the shoveling and the snow piling up, let’s take a deep dive into Aveda’s new Invati Advanced.


We introduced this incredible new series of products to you a few weeks ago, and you might, if you remember the Invati for Men line, have a few questions about how Invati Advanced stacks up. What’s it all about, is it just for women, what can we expect… All good questions, and fortunately for us, Living Aveda also has good answers!


Last week, Living Aveda published their Invati Advanced FAQ to ensure that we can get a really good grasp as to what this new 3-step program is all about.

Questions include is Invati Advanced safe to use while pregnant, does it work on relaxed hair, and when should I start to see results. If you’ve been wanting to ask about some of these – or any other questions – you will definitely want to click the link to this article!


Have a question that isn’t answered in the FAQ? There’s always the LiveChat to the rescue! Click to chat directly with an Aveda specialist and have your questions answered in a more personal way. And, of course, if you want something extra personal, you can always pop in to Willow and chat with your stylist about what products will work best for your hair. Think of us as the ultimate live chat!


And, think of Invati Advanced if you’re concerned about thinning hair. More details on what each step can do for your hair and scalp are available here as well.


Thanks for reading, friends! Stay safe in the snow, and we’ll chat again on Friday!


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