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January Coping: We Have Tips!

Welcome back to Friday, friends. We hope you’ve had a stellar week, and that things are going well for you!


We are deep into the month of January now, and if the cold and the snow and the eternal darkness is getting you down, we have a few ideas to help you cope with the winter blahs.


It’s usually at this time in the first month of the year that we start to fade a bit on our plans and goals for the year. But it doesn’t have to be that way! We talked back in December about keeping goals or resolutions a bit more practical and manageable, and if you’ve done that and been able to stick to them, well done! Sometimes the whole idea of goals can be overwhelming – especially in the cold, dark winter that seems to go on forever. But, if you resolved to become better organized at the start of the year – and throughout the year, too – there are a few things you might want to check out to help guide you through the rough patches, or kickstart you into actually doing what you set out to do.


Be More With Less

Last spring, around the time of spring cleaning, we highlighted this site, and it’s a good one to return to occasionally. Especially if you need a bit of help in your organizing or decluttering goals. While it isn’t spring (yet) who among us couldn’t use a bit of a push to get rid of the clutter and the stuff that can drag us down? Or, maybe it’s internal stuff after all that is getting to us. Maybe the clutter is in our minds, and we need to shake it off in order to better be involved in the world around us. Perhaps it’s a combination of both? Whatever is going on, Be More With Less can be a soothing and practical guide to dealing with the clutter that surrounds us.


The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning


If you are serious about getting organized and removing unnecessary things from your home and your life, this is the book for you! Don’t be put off by the title – we here in North America tend to get a bit freaked out by the word death in relation to anything – this is a lovely book that will make you look at the things we tend to collect with fresher eyes. Written by a woman who describes herself at the age “between 80 and 100,” the book is whimsical and delightful, and almost like having a conversation with a wise elder who breathes new life into the old idea of “putting your affairs in order.”


Hygge and Lykke


You’ve probably (maybe?) heard of these terms and the best-selling books that came out of them. Hygge – pronounced hue-guh – is a Danish word with no real direct-to-English translation, but it evokes the idea of comfort, warmth, or togetherness. Hygge was all the rage back in 2016-2017, and there’s a lot to be said for this kind of focus on being cozy this time of the year. Lykke (luu-kah) translates to happiness, and since Denmark is known as the happiest country in the world, they clearly know a thing or two about it! In fact, the author of both books, Meik Wiking, is also the CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen. A happiness institute means they definitely take this stuff seriously!

And while both hygge and lykke may not lead to decluttering or organizing, they can certainly help you find ways to get through the cold days with coziness and happiness, and if those two ideas weren’t on your new year’s resolution list, well maybe they should be. We could all use a lot more happiness in our lives!


How are you coping in the cold? Share your tips in the comments! And, as always, thanks for reading, and have a lovely weekend. We’ll chat again on Tuesday.

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