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Winter Maintenance: Not Just For Your Vehicle!

Good morning, and happy new year! It’s officially 2018 now, and we hope your year is off to the best start possible.


Are you back to work today? Or did you have to work last week during that awkward time between the Christmas holiday and New Year’s Day? Or, maybe you’re among the people who don’t return to work until next week. In that case, we’re sorry we woke you with our exuberant blogging!


All kidding aside, let’s hope this new year brings a lot of good things for us all. And because the year is new, and because we’re all filled with that intangible hope for good things, new beginnings, and new planners (come on, who doesn’t love a new calendar or journal for getting things organized!) we thought we’d take today’s post and talk a little bit about getting started down that organization road.


Of course here in Ontario, we are all very acutely aware that it is winter. “Well, obviously” you might be saying, it’s January after all! And we can most definitely expect some frigid temperatures in January, but December was also a pretty cold ride too, which for this part of the province is somewhat unusual. We had a white Christmas for sure, and if the forecast is correct, we will likely be maintaining that snow for the next few weeks, which is kind of great, honestly. The city looks nice with its white blanket, and the colder temperatures mean we don’t get as much or the ugly grey slushy stuff. So that part is fantastic! Ah, but with these below 0 temps, we also get freezing faces, red noses, watering eyes, and dryness EVERYWHERE. Doesn’t sound too glamorous, does it?


But, that’s winter, of course! And if you’re like us and enjoy some of the wonderful things winter brings (snow sports, skating, tobogganing, etc.) but you don’t like feeling like your face is going to crack in the cold and dry air, then we’re here today to offer some relief, courtesy of the wonderful Living Aveda Blog.


Give Your Beauty Routine a Winter Overhaul has some great tips for cleaning out your makeup bag and replacing products that either you’ve had for too long, or that just don’t work in the winter months. The article talks about products such as Renewing Lip Treatment that will moisturize lips and prevent them from drying out and cracking. Apply on a regular basis as the foundation before your lipstick or gloss and your lips will thank you. Use it before bed to hydrate overnight and ensure that the dry air in your home doesn’t get to your lips while you sleep!


Related: now is the time to make your skin a priority, increase the moisture you apply on the outside AND up your water intake to hydrate from the inside out. We realize that the last thing you want to do in the freezing cold is to drink freezing cold water, so maybe replace the water bottle you keep at your desk or work area with a big mug of Aveda or other herbal tea. This way you’re getting your water, and you’re also keeping warm at the same time.


The Living Aveda article goes on to talk about making a few swaps when the weather turns ultra-cold. Powder foundation might be your friend in the warmer months, but once the air is cold and dry, you might not realize that powder will just sit on the surface and attach itself to every nook and cranny, giving you a less than perfect finish. The article recommends the combination of a tinted moisturizer with translucent powder for setting and a more polished look. The key, as always, is better hydration, so ensure your moisturizer is doing the trick for you, and if you’re finding you need something a little more during the winter, consider either  Tulasāra Renew Morning Crème or Botanical Kinetics Hydrating Rich Crème.

Hydration, hydration, hydration. We know, we know. We definitely sound like a broken record, but every skincare expert will tell you that this is the best way to avoid the foils of winter!


So stay as warm as possible, follow some of these winter beauty maintenance tips, and enjoy this fresh new year, friends. And, if you have any tips for adding moisture to your skin, let us know in the comments! Sometimes the best ideas are ones that are right in front of us, but it takes someone else to point them out, to show us the way.


Have a great week, see you on Friday!

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