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Monthly Archives: February 2018

Spring Fashion: Get It While It’s Hot!

There are just two days left in February, so it feels like the right time to start talking about spring and spring fashion. After all, fashion weeks have been in full force around the globe for the past few weeks, so all signs are pointing to “Let’s Ditch This Winter Wardrobe and Get Into Something…

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Shine On, With Aveda!

Happy Friday, blogfriends! Hope your week has been a good one. It’s been a fairly short one, if you were able to be off work and/or school on Monday. And yet…why do the shortest weeks almost always feel like the longest ones?! We don’t have an answer for you, sadly, but we do have something…

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Aveda + New York Fashion Week = The Best Looks!

Well, good morning! It’s an ultra rainy day here in the Hamilton area, but we have the perfect ray of sunshine for you to start the week!   Last week was New York Fashion Week, and even though it was Fall 2018 fashion being featured, NYFW always gives us a bit of a rush because…

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Love Your Lips!

Are you just as shocked as we are that we are more than halfway through February? Didn’t January seem endless? Like it might as well have been 18 weeks long? And now there is just one full week left in February, plus a few more days and then…March. We can do it, friends! We can…

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Pancakes and Valentines: Best Week Ever?

Well, it’s Tuesday again and it’s NOT JUST ANY TUESDAY. It’s PANCAKE Tuesday! Otherwise known as Shrove Tuesday, aka the start of Lent, aka Mardi Gras (literally fat Tuesday) so we have A LOT to celebrate. Are you having pancakes for breakfast? Or maybe for lunch or dinner, or PERHAPS ALL THREE MEALS??! Well enjoy!…

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Shovels at the Ready! More Snow, #HamOnt!

Happy Friday, and Happy Special Weather Statement day…again!   We are once again expecting quite the mass of snow here in the #HamOnt area, which is good news for all you winter sports types, but potentially bad news for anyone having to drive anywhere later today.   The snow just keeps piling up, and the…

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Up for a Challenge? READ all about it!

Good Tuesday morning, friends! We hope your week has started off well. It’s cold, but really, when haven’t we been saying that???   Are you at the point now this winter where you’re ready to hibernate? Perhaps you’ve been there all along, but when the winter gets started, it’s all festive and holidaying and parties,…

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Groundhog Day!

    Unlike the classic movie with Bill Murray, today’s Groundhog Day is not doomed to repeat itself, and thank goodness. We are late, late, late posting today’s blog post due to technical difficulties, so it’s just as well that today will be just that – today. And tomorrow will be tomorrow, and so on……

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