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Groundhog Day!



Unlike the classic movie with Bill Murray, today’s Groundhog Day is not doomed to repeat itself, and thank goodness. We are late, late, late posting today’s blog post due to technical difficulties, so it’s just as well that today will be just that – today. And tomorrow will be tomorrow, and so on… Whoa. Ok, that’s pretty deep for a Friday, so let’s just say that we’re back, and ready to bring you all-new video tutorials from Aveda!

It is of course, still Groundhog Day in this time zone, and if you’re into believing rodents for weather prediction, good ol’ Wiarton Willie insists there will be six more weeks of winter. Now some of us prefer to listen to weather professionals, meteorologists and the like, but there is something about that folksy groundhog that tugs at some heartstrings. So when he decides that we’re going to remain in winter conditions for another six weeks – or 42 days – well, we might feel a bit cheated. Thanks for nothing, Willie.

Anyway, if we have to suffer through six more weeks, we should probably do it with great looking hair, so here’s where the Aveda tutorials come in!

Because it’s still winter and it will be for a while yet (again, thanks, Willie) the cold dry air can potentially do a number on our hair. These two newly posted video tutorials both feature Aveda’s Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair which is a must-have in the dry months – whether they are winter or summer! We don’t get too much dry summer weather in southern Ontario, but for anyone who travels to dry areas (think Arizona, Las Vegas, etc.) do think about packing this fab product to protect your hair from the drying heat and sun. But, sorry, back to winter. Sigh…

Take a look at both these videos for two distinct and lovely looks: loose curls, and a sleek, low ponytail – complete with a big retro-inspired bow! And don’t forget the Damage Remedy for styling and protecting at the same time.

We hope these two styles have inspired you as we all head to the weekend! Think spring, friends, despite what that rodent says! And we’ll see you back here on Tuesday.


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