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Spring Fashion: Get It While It’s Hot!

There are just two days left in February, so it feels like the right time to start talking about spring and spring fashion. After all, fashion weeks have been in full force around the globe for the past few weeks, so all signs are pointing to “Let’s Ditch This Winter Wardrobe and Get Into Something Fun and Different, Finally!” Hmmm…doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, does it? Ah well, the sentiment is most relatable, so here we go!


ELLE gives us the goods with their look at what’s trending for spring and there is A LOT to get into here, oh my goodness.


We are talking rubber and ruching and fanny packs, OH MY. No, really. OH MY. It’s definitely worth checking the link, and not just because of those three trends, ELLE wouldn’t steer us wrong…would they? Of course not! Lots of great, futuristic-looking sunglasses are in there too, as well as the return of the fanny pack (RIGHT?!?) and colour, colour, colour!

We weren’t kidding!
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For some contrast we’re also seeing white suits and dark denim, as well as really interesting necklines – think square and asymmetrical for the season – definitely feeling the return of the structured neckline, and just structure in general.


Obviously, these are just some of the highlights, you really have to dig into the entire article to get a feel for it all.


Next up is WWD with their take on what’s hot for spring, and they kick things off straight away with a real nod to the 90s and the return of the anorak. It’s true! Call it what you will – parka, jacket, windbreaker – it’s showing up everywhere. They also take a look at the transparent trend, the of mixing prints, and some of the most popular textures of the season. We’re talking fringe, tulle, satin…and so much more.


Who What Wear is predicting a real throwback to the 80s with the current focus on everything shoulders. We’ve been seeing those cold-shoulder tops for at least one or two seasons now, but for spring, think strong shoulders and nipped-in waists. That takes us back! And speaking of taking us back, WWW continues to highlight the return of the fanny pack. And sure, they call them bum bags, but they’re not fooling anyone. Do with this information what you will, we are not judging…


We’re also seeing trench coats galore – and who doesn’t love a good trench?!? Pencil skirts are everywhere, as are midsection belts, plaids and polka dots – often at the same time, that mixed print vibe is a strong one this season, that’s for sure.

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As always, there is so much going on, it’s going to be hard to keep up. And every season is the same, isn’t it? Except somehow spring has that extra little promise that goes along with it. That promise of sunshine and warmer weather, brave little snowdrops and crocuses pushing through the ground, not to mention swapping out boots for shoes and hats for sunglasses. There’s a lot to look forward to, isn’t there?


Thanks for reading, everyone. Chat again on Friday, have a great week!


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