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Easter 2018: Egg Hunts and Parades and Bonnets…Oh My!

Good morning, and happy Friday! For a lot of us it’s a very good Friday in that we get to (whether due to work or school) observe this Good Friday holiday and enjoy a day off work! For those who do have to work, including our lovely Willow team, we salute you and know that working today means a long weekend starting tomorrow. So hang in there!

And, since this is the long Easter weekend, you might have a few questions as to what’s going on around the city AND you might also want to know what’s not happening, what’s not open, etc. We’ve got you covered!


For fun things to do around the area this weekend, Tourism Hamilton has a nice little guide to what’s happening. For example, there are Easter Egg Hunts in nearly every town this weekend! Check the schedule to find the one that works for you and your family.


The Spectator has a good round-up of what’s closed and what’s open this weekend, and you can find that here. Hopefully, you’ve stocked up on food and other essentials already because it’s looking like important places such as grocery stores and the LCBO are closed all day.


Finally, do you ever spend time during Easter weekend thinking about that old song “Easter Parade” from the movie of the same name? It’s a classic, and it’s got us thinking about the Easter bonnet tradition and even the Easter parade tradition. Time magazine has an interesting article Top Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Easter, and this includes a bit about Easter parades and their history. Basically, strolling along 5th Avenue in New York City on Easter Sunday in your new clothes, was how the tradition started. Kind of an elitist way for the upper echelon to show off, honestly. But, since then, the parade has become something quite different. If you want even more history of the Easter parade, this Wikipedia article has a good overview and some decent references, too, for even more info!


You might, while we’re at it, want to read up on the history of the Easter bonnet too, because why not? Both Paste Magazine and The Eternal Headonist have articles diving into the tradition, complete with photos of bonnets past and present.

Whitman Chocolates, Easter hat

Easter is a time of renewal, considering that it’s now spring, and we’re starting to see buds on trees, and hearty perennials poking their way through the cold earth, so it makes sense that this is the day we test out new outfits, hats, whatever you want to wear, to mark the end of the cold dark season, and the beginning of the one filled with light and life.


However you celebrate or mark the occasion, we hope you do it surrounded by the people you love, and that your weekend is filled with fun. And chocolate too. Let’s never forget the chocolate.


Happy Easter, happy Spring, happy weekend! Enjoy!


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