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Fight the Damage

Happy Tuesday, friends! We hope your weekend was stellar, and that you’re ready to take on the week, whatever might be in store. It’s still winter cold out there, and we’re STILL seeing and feeling some minuses of the double-digit variety…brrrr! But, the days are getting longer nonetheless, and today is OFFICIALLY the first day of spring! And, while we are still in a bit of a deep freeze you can honestly start to feel


that it’s spring. It’s coming, the warmer weather is coming! We might not still be out of the woods just yet, there is always that potential for a spring snowstorm…but let’s not talk about that! Let’s talk spring! And let’s talk about your hair while we’re at it. 


How is your hair doing on this first day of spring? Has it been stuck under a woolen hat all winter? Has it been able to power the lights in your home due to its intense levels of static electricity? Or maybe it’s been frozen more than once or twice since the cold weather hit? We feel you, friends. Winter can be so tough on our hair, it might be tempting to cut it all off and start over for spring. But what about changing up your hair routine first, or adding a couple of things in that can maybe help with some of the stress that the winter has put on your poor hair? Two words: Damage. Remedy.


Aveda has an entire line of products that can actually fix damaged hair – not just make it seem like it’s fixed, actually repair it. Damage Remedy is that line and we are here to tell you that it WILL save your winterized hair – just in time to remove those winter hats!

And that’s not the only kind of damage Damage Remedy can help with. The Aveda website lists the four main types: environmental, heat, chemical, and physical. Each of these takes its toll on our hair over the years, and the Damage Remedy line which consists of shampoo, conditioners, and specialty treatments, can really help. Strengthen and repair that damage, and reveal gorgeous, healthy hair!


For a really great breakdown of one of the most popular and useful Damage Remedy products, take a look at the Living Aveda blog post 10 Reasons You Should Try Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair. And yes it IS as great as they say it is!


So take off those hats, embrace the spring, save the big hair chop for another time (unless you’re really feeling it, then, in that case, GO FOR IT!) and give Damage Remedy a try.


Have a great week, everyone. See you Friday!


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