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Gearing up for Earth Month 2018!

Good morning!


Yesterday was World Water Day, and while we’re a day late celebrating all things water and reflecting on the importance of water, this is an excellent time to remember that in just over one week it will be the start of Earth Month, a cause that is very important to Willow and to Aveda.


As always during Earth Month, Team Willow will be walking for water, and more about that excellent fundraiser will be coming soon.


In the lead up to Earth Month and Earth Day (April 22nd this year) we will be featuring ways  you can help here on the blog. Everything from water conservation tips to how to support the various Earth Month and Day causes, and much more. We’ll also be highlighting some of Willow’s efforts to aid in greening the planet, diverting waste from landfill, and other actions that the salon has been taking in order to take good care of our planet.


The theme for Earth Day in Canada this year is End Plastic Pollution, and we couldn’t agree more! There’s no time like right now to get started down this path. And, if you’re already doing your best to eliminate plastic pollution, amazing!

Please check out the links above and any others you know of/discover in the days heading into Earth Month, and check back here on the blog every Tuesday and Friday (as usual!) for all the Earth Month news you need! We’ll also be filling you in on local and national events, and if there are any events near and dear to your hearts, please let us know so we can pass those details along too. Whether it’s a tree planting, a bake sale to raise funds, or a park or neighbourhood cleanup, every little bit helps. Because honestly, what would we do without our earth? We think the answer to that is pretty obvious.


Have a great weekend, everyone! We’ll be back Tuesday with more bloggy goodness.

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