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More Spring Fashion: Taking it to the Street

Well, winter has made another appearance in this part of the world. Perhaps we can think of it as the final – yes, hopefully, the final – curtain call of an overwrought diva? The last gasp, the ultimate encore? Does that help?


At any rate, all this new snow isn’t going to deter us from talking spring fashion again. On Tuesday we took a look at the 2018 Spring/Summer trends from the runways, and today we want to highlight those fashions that sit a little closer to home for us regular peeps: street style.


There’s no real textbook definition of street style, although you can look it up on Wikipedia and other websites to get an idea. But when we say street style, typically what we (at least on this blog) mean is the fashion we see trending that does NOT hail from the world of haute couture and houses of design, but rather from, well, regular folks, for want of a better term. Sometimes these are social media influencers – think YouTube celebrities and Instagram pros – but as often as not, they are just people like us. Students, people heading off to work, others just making their way in the world – and looking as cool as possible while doing it!


And, while there are no real hard and fast rules for street fashion, what we tend to see are some trends among the “everyday stylish,” and ultimately these are collected into an article that fills us in on what’s making the rounds in the city. So let’s take a look at a few, shall we?


Refinery29 starts us off with 5 Of The Biggest Street Style Trends to Try Now, with their take on sunglasses, footwear, and handbags, which is a really great approach, especially since our spring-like weather has disappeared for the time being. And while we might not be fully ready to ditch the sweaters and boots, we can feel that spring isn’t too far away, so we might just be ready to try on a few new accessories to capture some of that new spring energy – and give ourselves a bit of a lift!


London’s Calling! See Who Wore What at #LFW has A LOT going on as far as what to expect for the upcoming season, including trench coats, structured bags, tailored suits, and all the colours of the rainbow!


And, if you’re looking for even more, The Fashion Spot has 100 Best Street Style Looks from New York Fashion Week Fall 2018. Here we’re seeing street style that’s bridging the gap between this late-winter limbo where we’re all pretty tired of our winter garb, but it’s still not quite time to bust out the warm-weather fashions…sound familiar? These looks are starting to incorporate what’s new with what’s old and worn, and helping a sister (or brother) out, and breathing life into what we’ve already got in our closets.


It might not quite be spring yet, but some of these looks can at least tide us over until the proper spring weather arrives. And now that the stores are starting to feature more spring arrivals too – and not just leftover winterwear – we can actually start making some spring wardrobe plans!


Have a great weekend, friends! And, a special shout out to our amazing Kim on her birthday today! We love you and hope you have an incredible birthday weekend with lots of laughs, love, and cocktails too!


See you Tuesday, everyone!


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