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Tuesday Tutorial: Lock Your Lip Look!

We’re back and hoping your week is going well so far, friends! It’s March Break for some of you, likely, and whether you’re sticking around home or have taken off someplace warm or otherwise, we hope you’re enjoying!


And, for the rest of us heading off to work or school today, well cheer up! The long Easter weekend is nearly here. Which is, you’ll probably agree, not as nice as an entire week off, but hey, we’ll take it, right?


Today, since it’s Tuesday, we’re featuring another Tuesday Tutorial here on the blog, and this time it’s how to get that perfect, precise, lip!


If you’re a regular wearer of lipstick, this tutorial is for you! And, frankly, if you’re only an occasional lipstick wearer, you can benefit from this too! So everybody wins.


When you think about your own lipstick application, what comes to mind? Is it something you dash on at the end of your makeup routine? Do you grab whatever’s handy in the morning before heading out the door? Or, maybe if you only wear it once in awhile you may just apply and hope for the best. Understandable! One of the things about our typical lipstick application is that we put it on for it to be removed periodically throughout the day/evening. Often one sip of a cocktail, one bite of your dinner can send your lip colour packing. So reapplying is necessary, often more than once or twice. So why bother being too exact to begin with?


Well, as we’ll see in the tutorial, the better prepped your lips are, the longer your colour will stay fast…and the better it will look. Trust us!


A real key is preparation, and the video shows us how to prepare the lips for a long-lasting, gorgeous look.


Treating dry lips first is an important step, and likely one most of us know about – especially in the winter months. But the lip primer was a new one! The primer helps with the longevity of the colour, and then using a lip liner can add to that as well. Finally filling in with your colour of choice and THEN tidying up the edges where necessary…well, take a look at the video for all the details:

Does that seem like a lot of steps? Keep in mind that whole video took about two minutes, including the introduction! And sure, perhaps it was edited – that’s the magic of video – but our point is that a couple of minutes of preparation can go a long way to helping you create the look you want without having to do it over and over again all day long.


Want to give it a go? Us too! Head to Willow for everything you need for that perfect, precise lip look. And let us know how you make out. Let’s see those lips, friends. Leave us a comment, send us a pic! Cheers to long-lasting, perfectly applied lip colour. And cheers to the rest of the week. Enjoy and we’ll chat again on Friday.


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