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Monthly Archives: April 2018

Earth Month Wrap-Up

We are down to the final few days of 2018’s Earth Month, but there are still ways you can learn about Aveda’s commitment to helping provide clean water for those without, and ways you can help.   Today we want to introduce – or reintroduce – you to WaterAid Canada, the organization responsible for bringing…

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Lipstick Dreamin’

Good morning! Skies are greyish today, but can you feel how warm it is? We are getting there, friends! Hard to believe it was just over a week ago that we were plunged into an ice storm of historic proportions, isn’t it? But let’s not talk about that.   We are just ONE WEEK away…

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Thicker Hair, Don’t Care!

Hi, everyone, and welcome back to Friday! Any big plans for the weekend? Need a little hair inspiration? We’ve got you.   Today we’re featuring a brand new video from Beauty Vlogger Brittany Marie, who gives us a master class in turning thin hair into hair that’s thick and lush! No, it’s not magic, and…

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Willow & Tulips = Perfect Spring Event

Ok, friends, whatever you do, don’t look out the window just yet. Are you with us? We’re going to try to whisk you away somewhere lovely and colourful and bright and fun, so just come along for the ride. No questions asked, all right?   We all know that Spring has forsaken us (for now)…

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Water For Everyone…Elephants Included!

It’s Friday and we’re back with another blog post to help kick off your weekend! We hope you’ve had a good week – it’s felt long to us, anyone else? – but no matter! Whether your weekend begins this evening or tomorrow evening, it’s so close you can feel it.   Earth Month continues at…

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Days Are Getting Longer, But Hair (May Just Be) Getting Shorter!

Last week we talked about the best hair colours for spring and summer, and we might as well keep that momentum going, even though Mother Nature keeps throwing more winter conditions at us. But no matter! Forge ahead with your spring thinking, friends! And let’s see what’s in store for us in the world of…

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Getting Into The Swing of Earth Month: Updates and Info!

Earth Month continues, and Willow, along with Aveda, continues to spread the word about the importance of clean water everywhere. We’ve talked previously about taking water for granted, and while we’re not here to make everyone feel guilty about this, it’s important to understand that clean water for drinking, bathing, cooking, and cleaning, is a…

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Tuesday Trend: Spring Colours to Warm Us Up!

Welcome back to the blog! We hope you all had a wonderful treat-filled long Easter weekend.     So it’s April now. Huh. Still feels a little like March, and sometimes even a little like February to be perfectly honest…but we are NOT going back there, no siree. Spring is HERE, gosh darn it, and…

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