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Lipstick Dreamin’

Good morning! Skies are greyish today, but can you feel how warm it is? We are getting there, friends! Hard to believe it was just over a week ago that we were plunged into an ice storm of historic proportions, isn’t it? But let’s not talk about that.


We are just ONE WEEK away from our spring event Willow & Tulips and we cannot wait to welcome you for the festivities.

In preparation, we thought we would introduce you to Tara who will be joining us that evening for makeup consultations. You can read a little bit more about Tara on her website Lipstick Quick ( and see some of her fabulous work as well!


We really like this quote from Tara too:


“Make women feel beautiful! Give them a confidence they have never felt by unleashing their natural beauty… one shade at a time” – Ta.C


This whole idea of letting your natural beauty shine through is a big facet of what we try to do at Willow as well, so it will be a nice fit having Tara at our event helping you test drive Aveda’s newest lip colour line Feed My Lips.


Feed My Lips is a truly revolutionary line of lip colour, promising longlasting wear without feathering (this is KEY and we love it!) as well as deep moisturizing so lips don’t feel dry. Another key point – who wants to wear a lip colour that makes your lips feel as though they will crack if you move them? No one, that’s who.


Along with the new Feed My Lips lipsticks, we can also be sure to get some tips and tricks from Tara on applying and maintaining your lipstick look, which is always a bonus. We all know how to put on our lipstick, right? Open, twist up, apply! Ah, but there’s more! What about lip liners? Or lip prep? Tips for making sure your colour stays put? That’s where the professionals come in.


And, of course, there’s more than just lipstick happening at Willow & Tulips, so please do get in touch to register for this fab event by emailing so we can hold a spot for you.


As we said it’s just one week away, and you don’t want to miss out.


Enjoy your week, friends! We’ll chat with you again on Friday.

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