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Tuesday Trend: Spring Colours to Warm Us Up!

Welcome back to the blog! We hope you all had a wonderful treat-filled long Easter weekend.  


So it’s April now. Huh. Still feels a little like March, and sometimes even a little like February to be perfectly honest…but we are NOT going back there, no siree. Spring is HERE, gosh darn it, and cold weather or not, we are going to embrace it. Even if we do have to wear our winter coats for just a little longer…


Let’s try not to think about the potential wintery forecast for now, shall we? Please don’t pull up your weather app, not just now! We have spring things to talk about! Indulge us today, and we can all deal with what’s coming later. Much later. Hopefully.


One of the most popular signs of spring – in the hair industry anyway – is that feeling clients get when the days start to get longer and warmer, and the winter wear starts to go away. We’re talking about that “I think I want to change up my hair colour!” feeling – and it’s one of our favourites.

One of the inspirations for this spring’s colour trends: saffron

We were going to save the spring forward into a new colour post for a bit later in the season, but since Living Aveda has an interview with none other than Ian Michael Black, Aveda’s Global Artistic Director for Hair Color, we thought, well, if IMB is thinking spring colour, then that’s good enough for us! Bring. It. On:


“According to Ian, it’s time to warm up. “The biggest trend for the warmer months is the return to much warmer-toned hair,” Ian says. “Blondes are being toned soft pink-ambers, or rich golden saffron shades. The boldest will go for either an on-trend “ultraviolet” hue or a bright Mandarin orange tone — it’s the perfect mix of a strong orange with yellow undertones to give a true sunshine color.”


Take a look at the article here for more inspiration from Ian Michael Black and Aveda, and a taste of what’s to come for spring and summer 2018. And, you can bet we’ll be bringing you more colour ideas and trends as the season progresses. Every new season includes changes to hair ideas, but there’s something about spring that makes us embrace it more than ever. So do a little thinking about how you might change up your colour for spring and, as always, talk to your Willow stylist for help with how to make it happen.

Have a great week, everyone. Now, go ahead and open your weather app if you like…but don’t say we didn’t warn you…

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