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Water For Everyone…Elephants Included!

It’s Friday and we’re back with another blog post to help kick off your weekend! We hope you’ve had a good week – it’s felt long to us, anyone else? – but no matter! Whether your weekend begins this evening or tomorrow evening, it’s so close you can feel it.


Earth Month continues at Aveda and at Willow and today we’ve got a really nice feature to introduce you to.


We’ve talked a lot on here about the importance of water conservation and projects to bring clean water to those who may not have it. Water IS life, as we all know, and without access to clean water and basic sanitation, diseases can spread and disrupt the health of people affected. Obviously when we talk Earth Month, we are concerned for the humans, but of course water is required by all living things, and today we’re looking at an initiative that will help both humans and animals thrive.


On the Indonesian island of Sumatra, thanks to deforestation and the pulp and paper industry, the water sources elephants traditionally used have become extremely limited. As a result, elephants are encroaching on the water sources used by the people who live there, and the battle for water has been an ongoing conflict – human vs elephant – and this has become quite dangerous. 


Enter Global Greengrants Fund:

In the face of this struggle, the Rimba Satwa Foundation has rehabilitated 12 acres of natural elephant habitat to provide a corridor of food and water for the animals. With $2500 from Global Greengrants Fund, proceeds from the sale of the Light the Way candle, the Foundation planted new trees across an area that was previously burned and destroyed by a local plantation, aggravating the struggle of the elephants. A team of local citizens then planted, cared for, and monitored the growth of trees and vegetation for over 12 months.

Today, the corridor is thriving – providing food and water for the elephants, while directing them away from the community and its water sources. The number of interactions between humans and elephants has decreased. As an added bonus, beehives installed in the new corridor provide the community with a new source of income, a more sustainable one than the destructive plantations.                                                              

– from Water for Elephants, Living Aveda Blog, accessed April 13, 2018.


This is wonderful news for both elephants AND people. And you can help Global Greengrants Fund when you purchase an Aveda Light The Way candle, because 100% of the purchase price is donated to Global Greengrants for initiatives like this one in Indonesia.

Pick one up today. Feel good about your purchase and enjoy the uplifting aroma!

Please visit their website for more information and to read the Stories of Impact and the many ways this organization is standing up not only for water, but also for indigenous rights, women’s rights, and the rights of all people who face the intrusion of a giant corporation out to exploit the natural resources of their land.


There is a lot of good being done in support of water resources, and yet there will always be more to do. Join Aveda and Willow in the fight to bring clean water to areas that need it, and know you are helping to make a difference.


As always, thanks for reading, friends. Have a wonderful weekend and we’ll see you back here on Tuesday!


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