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Monthly Archives: May 2018

Know What You’re Made Of? It’s Time to Find Out!

Happy Tuesday, everyone, and thanks for being here! The blog just would not exist without you to read it, now would it? So we really appreciate you taking the time to check out what we have to say.   Now, while you’re here, we also want you to think about something, something that a lot…

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Willow Team Adventure #1: Rosé All Day

Good morning, friends! And a very happy Friday morning to you all! Sadly, we are not leading into another long weekend this time – unless you are in the USA, and in which case, Happy Memorial Day weekend to you! – but it is a weekend, nonetheless, and we are kicking it off with the…

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Something New From The Blog…Open For (Some) Details!

Good morning, and happy Tuesday! We hope you had a wonderful long weekend! It was a good one to be out and about and, at some points, to stay in and be cozy and comfy. Gotta love a weekend that lets you do it all!   We are starting a new feature here on the…

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Happy Birthday Willow, Happy Long Weekend, Ontario!

Did you see them? Oh boy, those limited edition True Hamiltonian and Willow Salon collab t-shirts are KILLER! Oh, and good morning everyone!   We’re just a little excited this morning because it’s Willow’s birthday and we are so looking forward to welcoming you to the salon for 20% off Aveda products AND our sweet,…

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Willow Hits The Teen Years…Come Celebrate!

Welcome back to the Willow Salon blog where we keep the party going all month long! How’s that for an introduction to today’s post?! It’s funny because it’s true! You know we just had our lovely Willow & Tulips Spring event just a couple of weeks ago AND NOW we are getting our party on…

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Just the Essentials…Oils, That Is

It’s Friday once again, and today, in preparation for the weekend, we are talking aromatherapy. What does the weekend have to do with aromatherapy? Read on for the reveal, friends!   If you’ve ever been in a store looking at rows and rows of essential oils and thought “These look interesting, but I’m not really…

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Making Plans for Mothers’ Day? Help is Here!

Good morning, friends! Hope you had a great weekend! There was certainly PLENTY to do, and the weather was pretty darned cooperative if you had outdoor activities planned, too. Today we’re pleased to bring you potential plans for the coming weekend – yes, we realize it’s only Tuesday, but we’re already in a weekend state…

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A Big Thank You!

Good…afternoon, friends! We had a minor technological setback this morning, so your Friday blog post is a little bit late. Nothing catastrophic, thankfully, and we are good to go, and today is all about thanking YOU. We wanted to share a little feedback from our Willow & Tulips event, and if you were there you…

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Tonight Tonight!

Good morning! Today is the day! It’s Willow & Tulips day at Willow Salon, and we can’t wait to welcome you to our Spring event! If you’ve already registered, we look forward to see you there. If you’re still on the fence – and we totally understand, there’s always a lot going on during the…

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