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Just the Essentials…Oils, That Is

It’s Friday once again, and today, in preparation for the weekend, we are talking aromatherapy. What does the weekend have to do with aromatherapy? Read on for the reveal, friends!


If you’ve ever been in a store looking at rows and rows of essential oils and thought “These look interesting, but I’m not really sure what to do with them,” well you’re not alone. Those tiny little dark-glassed bottles look so inviting, and yet so intimidating at the same time. What do you do with essential oils, anyway?


Like most things, if we’re looking for answers, we might turn to the web. But sometimes when you’re searching for information, it’s hard to know what sites to trust. (Honestly, safe web searching is a whole other blog post that we could probably write!) But, suffice it to say, when you’re looking for information – especially for things related to health and wellness – it’s good to have a trusted source to spell things out for you.


So this is why it’s exciting to see Aveda’s line of essential oils are available, complete with descriptions on how to use them, and what, specifically, they can do for you – other than smell really, really good, of course!

Pretty oils, all in a row!

Oils for stimulating, oils for relaxing, oils for everything in between! And Aveda’s essential oils come already mixed into a coconut base oil, so they are safe for skin application – no further mixing required! Add to your bath, put a few drops on your wrists, or use to massage sore muscles. Need more ideas for your essential oil? Living Aveda has got you covered.


8 Game-Changing Ways to Use Our Essential Oils is a great article that is exactly what it says it is: a list of eight uses for oils that you might not have thought of, but once the ideas are in your head, you’re going to want to give them a try.


So choose your oil, and discover what Aveda’s essential oils can do for you. Find the one that seems to speak to you – citrus, floral, woodsy, what will it be? And experiment with different blends, too. A few drops of lavender, for example, followed by a couple of drops of peppermint for your own unique aroma. And, unlike regular perfumes or colognes that simply smell nice, essential oils also offer benefits for mind and body, so it’s a double win!


And, back to our original question, what do essential oils have to do with the weekend? Well, it’s the perfect opportunity to take advantage of some of those ideas from Living Aveda, isn’t it? Relaxing bath? Foot massage? Remember what weekend this is? Yes indeed, it’s Mother’s Day weekend, friends. *LIGHT BULB*


You’re welcome.


Have a great weekend, everyone. Enjoy whatever you have planned, and we look forward to chatting again on Tuesday.


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