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Know What You’re Made Of? It’s Time to Find Out!

Happy Tuesday, everyone, and thanks for being here! The blog just would not exist without you to read it, now would it? So we really appreciate you taking the time to check out what we have to say.


Now, while you’re here, we also want you to think about something, something that a lot of us just don’t take the time to consider. We – and Aveda – want to know what you’re made of.


Not in a tough guy kind of way like “show us what you’re made of, punk!” but in a “what makes you YOU, what makes you unique” kind of way.


This is something new from Aveda, and we are jumping all over it because it’s a really interesting concept. Aveda is showing us what they’re made of, starting simply with a key 3-word list of ingredients for some of their most popular products, and they are encouraging us to do the same:


Your ingredients—your passions, your goals, your personality—are what make you, you. Our ingredients—cruelty-free, environmental mission, powerful botanical science and pure-fume™ aromas—are what make Aveda, Aveda.


If you don’t often think about what makes you, well, you, this is a really interesting exercise. Everyone is so different, so unique, and that’s what makes us all so wonderful. And, as adult humans we often identify by some of our outward traits – our jobs, marital status, parental status, etc. – and we are less likely to identify by our inner qualities like our passions, dreams, goals, things we love to do…the list can go on and on.


Aveda has always been really good about showing and telling the world what they and their products are made of, and that transparency is one of the things that we love so much about Aveda. Want to know what’s in a product? It’s all right there on the website in the ingredients list!


If only we humans were as clear about who we are and what we’re made of.


But there is no reason we can’t be! So today, just for a few minutes, think about what you’re made of, and think about what that means to you. What do you love? What are your dreams? What impact are you making or what impact do you want to make? Dig deep and find the words that define you, the ones that are at the heart of who you really, truly are.  


Does that seem like a daunting task? It could very well, at the beginning. But you know yourself best of all. You know who you are, think of how you want to present that self to the world, and you’ll make it happen.


Thanks to Aveda for opening our eyes to this with their Know What You’re Made Of campaign. And check out the short video below for more information.

Enjoy the rest of the week, friends. Take good care of yourself, love yourself, know yourself…and go get ‘em. See you Friday!


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