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Something New From The Blog…Open For (Some) Details!

Good morning, and happy Tuesday! We hope you had a wonderful long weekend! It was a good one to be out and about and, at some points, to stay in and be cozy and comfy. Gotta love a weekend that lets you do it all!


We are starting a new feature here on the blog, and we are excited to introduce this to you today! Some of you may remember the Friday Five where we brought you five things a member of the Willow team had planned for the upcoming weekend, and while that was definitely a fun one, it ran its course, and we decided to move on to something new.


That something – which we are about to reveal – definitely invokes the spirit of the Friday Five, but this time we, your blogging team, are going to be more hands-on, and there is going to be a lot more “taking this show on the road to see where we end up.” We are really excited about this new plan because it brings us out into the #HamOnt community and beyond! We’ll be checking out events, festivals, and interesting local places – everything from bakeries to wineries, restaurants and markets, music venues and, as they always say, much, much, more!


We’re not trying to take the place of any of the fantastic local blogs and other media outlets that specialize in this sort of thing, and we are definitely not professional critics and/or reviewers. The blog will still continue to focus on Aveda, on hair and makeup and what’s happening in the style world and the Willow world, but we also know that a lot of our readers and clients like to know what we are up to in those off hours, and this gives us a chance to keep you all posted, and to support some of our favourite local small businesses, learn about some new ones, and making some new favourites along the way.


We think you’re going to like this new feature that we will be bringing you on a regularly irregular basis. No, that’s not a typo! Unlike the Friday Five that we brought to you on the first Friday of the month, this new endeavour will be somewhat less scheduled, more based on when we can get out to the places we want to visit, and what else is going on in the world of Aveda that might take blog priority.  


And finally, we don’t yet have a catchy name for this feature, so once we get rolling with it, if you have any suggestions, please do send them along!


Are you excited yet? We are going to leave you with the promise that all the details of our first adventure will be revealed this coming Friday here on the blog, so join us then! And in the meantime, here’s a little teaser as to what you can expect:

Cheers to the Willow blog’s newest feature!


Honestly, did you expect anything else?

Enjoy the week, everyone, it’s a nice short one! And we will chat with you again on Friday.


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