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Willow Hits The Teen Years…Come Celebrate!

Welcome back to the Willow Salon blog where we keep the party going all month long!

How’s that for an introduction to today’s post?!

It’s funny because it’s true! You know we just had our lovely Willow & Tulips Spring event just a couple of weeks ago AND NOW we are getting our party on again this coming Friday! Well, well, well, if you didn’t know it’s Willow’s birthday – lucky number 13 this year – and we obviously need to celebrate!

Join us on Friday, May 18th for our celebration 13 Years Fabulous and wish Willow a very happy anniversary!

Get 20% off Aveda products, and a free blow dry when you purchase a $100 gift card – what a deal!

And, we have something extra special for you this year too. Willow has partnered with True Hamiltonian to create a limited edition t-shirt! Purchase a shirt and also receive a free blow dry. Honestly, this is the best deal ever!

If you’re not familiar with True Hamiltonian, allow us to introduce you. TH is behind all the Hamilton is Home shirts, tanks, hoodies, hats, and other items you’re likely seeing on Instagram and all the social media outlets. True Hamiltonian is all about being proud of your city, and wearing that pride on your sleeve – or your chest – and now Willow becomes a big part of the movement too!

With a flagship store downtown on King St., another location in Lime Ridge Mall, and a variety of other outlets – including Tim Hortons Field – True Hamiltonian and founder, Max Francis, have quickly become the ultimate ambassadors for the city. There is definitely something special about TH apparel, and seeing the posts on social media and in the news always give us a warm fuzzy kind of feeling. Nothing like hometown pride to pump you up!


You can read more about True Hamiltonian on their website, and be sure to follow them on Instagram too. Tag yourself wearing your TH gear and you just might be featured!

For now, we are keeping the Willow/True Hamiltonian shirt design under wraps, so you’ll need to get yourself to Willow on Friday to see it in person. We think you’re going to love it!

Have a great week, everyone, we look forward to welcoming you on Friday. And, as always we’ll also see you back here on Friday for more from the blog. Cheers!


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