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No Blow-Dry? No Problem!

Happy Friday, everyone, and Happy June! Wow, May is just gone, now it’s June AND YET it feels like August. Whatcha gonna do, right?


Well, one thing you’re probably not gonna do – or at least you’re not looking forward to doing – in this heat, is heat styling your hair.


Now, we know. There is nothing like a blow-dry to get your hair into the shape and style you want, but when it’s hot, humid, and super sticky out there, the thought of turning heat on your head might be the furthest thing from your mind. Even if you’re lucky enough to have AC in your place, your hairdryer can make things really uncomfortable AND sometimes when that sweat gets started, it can really ruin all the hard work you’re doing. And don’t even get us started on the flat iron/curling wand, etc. – all that heat during a heat wave? No, thanks.


So that’s where air-drying comes in, but we get it, we totally understand the aversion to it. It seems like a good idea at the time, you wash and condition your hair, add a little product and just wait it out! But…but…what about the styling?!? With air-drying you lose some of the control that you have when you wield that blow dryer. Air-drying is literally letting nature take its course…but you CAN help nature along a bit, to ensure you get the style you want. And here’s how!


Our good friends at the Living Aveda blog have a new article/tutorial that can help you kick the blow-dry habit – at least for now, while it’s crazy hot out there – or for any time when maybe you’re without electricity (camping, cottage-ing, rolling blackouts, etc.) Entitled How to Air-Dry Your Hair Like A Boss, it truly is some great advice for maintaining a great look while avoiding the rage- and sweat-inducing consequences of a blow-dry.


And, the number one cardinal rule for air-drying is in there, friends. Actually,

it’s in there twice: Don’t. Touch. Your. Hair.

Baa-aa-aa-d hair day? (heh…sorry…)

This is crucial to ensure a non-frizzy ‘do as the end result! You might think “oh what’s the harm in moving some pieces around or fluffing it up a bit?” but we are here to tell you that touching, moving, fiddling with your locks before they are dry is a big no-no, and possibly why air-drying often gets a bad rap. Once you’ve applied your product, just leave well enough alone, and you’ll be much happier in the end.


If you’re ready to give it a go, check out the article above, collect your products – whether you’re drying curly or straight – and get started!


Enjoy the weekend, everyone! We’ll chat again on Tuesday – see you then!


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