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Summer Handbag Lovin’

When designer Kate Spade died, very suddenly, a couple of weeks ago, the fashion world lost an icon. Of course, to her friends and family, she was much, much more than her designs and products, and their worlds have been changed forever. It’s always a tragedy to lose someone so young, so vibrant and so talented, and a death by suicide is always particularly tragic.


In the days that followed the news of her death, people – women, especially – reached out via social media to express their sadness and their shock. In this age of instantaneous news and a persistent social media presence, it’s not unusual for people to take to the internet for mutual mourning and grieving, to try and make sense out of a senseless situation.


Some women started sharing their memories, not necessarily of the woman herself – most had never met her – but of the Kate Spade bags that meant so much to them. There are more than a few articles that have synthesized the tweets and posts where women poured out their hearts about how their first Kate Spade bag was their first foray into adulthood, into their career. How purchasing a Kate Spade purse made some women feel that they had turned that corner into a grown-up world, that it was a kind of rite of passage for those who had always loved designer fashion from afar, and then finally, one day, were able to make that first purchase. Others talked about Kate Spade stores and pop-ups as being whimsical and so delightful to shop in, and how brightly coloured they were, and that you couldn’t help but smile walking into one of her locations.


It’s impossible to deny the impact Spade made on the fashion industry and in the lives of women all over the world, and in honour of the design icon and her inspirational, aspirational handbags, today we’re bringing you a little roundup of best bags and purses for Summer 2018.

Cute little vase-shaped woven bag.

First of all – like it or not – woven bags are WAY IN this summer! The trend is everywhere but these aren’t your average beige picnic basket-looking bags, these one have been given, as Refinery29 tells us, a major upgrade! Think cool colour combinations, interesting shapes, and every type of handle you can imagine from cross-body straps to dainty handheld ones. So many adorable styles, you’ll want more than one! (Well, we do, anyway!) 

Great colours, perfect size!


PopSugar gives us more trends for summer bags – and we are thinking that some of these can also head straight into fall with us, but let’s not talk about that just yet – that feature fringe, tassels, and zippers galore! We’ll also see transparent bags – or will we? Get it? Cos they’re transparent? Haha…ok, sorry… And, circular bags will also be big – gotta love a fun and unexpected shape in a purse, honestly! 


And finally InStyle has a nice rundown on what’s on trend for the season, and gives us their faves. Side note: that little gator woven bag is so cute! Be sure to check out all the looks and get your own ideas for what YOU want to carry this summer.

Round is in, bigtime.

We always try, here on the blog, to bring you as much fun and interesting stuff as we can in the fields of fashion, hair, makeup, beauty, etc. Today’s post started out a little heavier than usual, but we felt it was something important to address.

Have a wonderful week, friends. Let’s all do our best to build each other up as much as we can.

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