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An Aveda Favourite Gets a Makeover: Reintroducing Cherry Almond

Happy Tuesday, friends! We hope your week is going well so far and if you’re like a lot of us during the summer, you’re pretty much working for the weekend, right? Well, we’ve got a little something to help you get through the rest of the days ‘til it’s Friday again!

We introduced it a few weeks ago, but now we are excited to make the big announcement that IT’S HERE! It’s finally here! And what is it? It’s the brand new – actually let’s take a step back from that – it’s the grand comeback of Cherry Almond!

Back and better than ever!

Cherry Almond Bark was a staple in the Aveda lineup back in the day but was discontinued in the mid-2000s. But now it’s back in the form of a softening shampoo and conditioner, and we couldn’t be happier!

Now, you might think that creating that classic cherry-almond aroma is a no-brainer – cherry + almond, right? Well, apparently it’s not quite that simple. This from Living Aveda breaks it down for us:

“However, did you know you can’t really use real cherry fruit or almonds to create an aroma? They’re too faint! (That’s another reason many companies rely on synthetic aromas.) Instead, our Pure-Fumers created a 100% naturally-derived* blend of tonka bean, certified organic ylang ylang and orange. Tonka bean helps provide the sweetness, ylang ylang adds a tropical floral edge and orange gives it that fruity, sweet zing. The Pure-Fumers also added benzoin resin, a highly aromatic extract from the Styrax tonkinesis tree from South East Asia, to give Cherry Almond a complex, balsam-vanilla depth.”


That is serious complexity, and hats off to the pure-fumers who create this incredible aroma!

We can’t wait to introduce you to the glorious aroma and to the amazing things it will do for your hair. Stop by the salon to experience the latest iteration of Cherry Almond, and enjoy the fruits of the labours of the Aveda pure-fumers who made it happen!

And, enjoy the week, everyone! We’ll be back Friday with more here on the blog – see you then!

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