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Exciting Earth Month News From Aveda

Good morning, and get down with your Friday happy dance, the weekend is almost here! We are celebrating today, here on the Willow blog – and not just because it’s Friday. We have some exciting news to share that is just too good to keep to ourselves, and we wanted you to be the first to know!


You probably know by now that Willow and Aveda are big supporters of Earth Month, which happens every April. Aveda has dozens of earth-friendly and water-friendly initiatives that we try to highlight during Earth Month, and that you can read about any old time you want here on the Collega Earth Month website. The themes and featured projects may change from year to year, but the bottom line is that we are all helping with protecting the environment with a call to action for clean water for everyone, raising up people – women specifically – and ensuring a bright and healthy future for the amazing planet we are so privileged to call home.




Thanks to Aveda’s commitment to the environment, the company has, with the help of its salons around the world, raised over 60 million dollars since 1999 for environmental causes. That is a lot of money, and, if you do the math, that is about 3 million dollars a year (give or take) each year for 19 years.


Willow is extremely proud to be part of this amazing commitment to the environment through Aveda, and how wonderful is it to see the results of nearly 20 years of dedication to a cause? Pretty darned wonderful, honestly!


You can read all about this momentous occasion here, and the article includes a shout-out to Aveda Canada for the CREATIF Earth Month Event and one particularly innovative artist. Canada, represent!

Awesome innovation, and all for a good cause! Photo from

We are so grateful to Aveda for their commitment to the environment and we are also grateful to you, our clients and friends who support initiatives like our Walk for Water and the raffles and Earth Month events we have at the salon. It has never been truer that a little goes a long way, and Aveda just proved that with their 60 million dollar milestone.


So big congratulations to Aveda and thanks once more to all of you! It’s a little over nine months until the next Earth Month, but it’s never too early to start planning, right? There are always more goals to be set and records to be broken.


Thanks for reading, everyone! Have a wonderful weekend and we will see you back here on Tuesday morning.  


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