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Sunscreen? You Have More Options Than Ever!

Good morning, friends, and happy Tuesday once again!


You know, it’s hard to believe that we are more than halfway through July and we have yet to talk seriously about sunscreen.


Most of us here in Canada – or at least this part of Canada – have a love/hate relationship with sun protection. We might love what it can do to protect us from damaging UV and UVB rays, but hate having to apply it, reapply it, and apply it some more.


We might hate the way some sunscreens can feel on our skin, but love the fact that with sunscreen properly applied, we don’t have to cover up as completely when the days are hot and muggy.


See? Love and hate, all rolled into one big summer problem.


The thing is, sunscreen is something that we should all be using year-round, but we here in the Northern part of the hemisphere tend to only view it as a summer kind of situational necessity. And fair enough, right? We do spend a good portion of our lives covered up, it’s really just in the summertime that we strip off those extra layers and expose our skin to the sun, so for a lot of us, summer = sun protection/sunscreen. Love it or hate it.

If you’re still thinking of sunscreen as a thick, white, goopy mess that you are required to slather all over yourself, giving your skin a ghostly, supernatural look, well we have some very good news for you: it doesn’t have to be like that anymore.


Sure there are still tubs, tubes, and bottles of lotion that you can use, but have a look at some of the more innovative and convenient ways to protect your skin.


Refinery29 has a nice little roundup of moisturizers and serums with SPF, and who doesn’t love a double-duty product?


Or maybe you’re looking for something even more unique? Take a look at the Eminence Organics line of sun care products – everything from moisturizers and tinted moisturizers, to lip balms and even…wait for it…translucent face powders! That’s right, a loose powder with SPF, how amazing is that? And even better, our pals at Skin Savvy next door carry this line, so now you even know where to find it!


Companies like La Fresh produce a wide range of towelettes (or wipes) including sunblock wipes which might be one of the most practical ideas ever!


You can also, of course, get your sunscreen in a spray, a lighter lotion, or a stick too, and there is a pretty good chance that in the next few years there will be even more super cool sunscreen ideas for us to peruse and use, and THEN there will really be no excuse to not protect ourselves from harmful rays.


Finally, when you are making your sunscreen choices, it’s not always easy to figure out which one is best, so fortunately the good people at the Canadian Dermatology Association have a list of recommended products. It’s a good go-to if you’re unsure, and the really great thing is this list includes name brands but also some store brands, so we have choices not only in which sunscreen to consider, but how much we want to pay as well.


So let summer roll on and on and on….we’re covered…literally!


Have a great week, friends! Chat with you again on Friday.

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