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Take a Trip With Aveda!

Good morning and happy Tuesday! If you are – like we are – simply working for the weekend at this point in the work week, well we feel you. Ah, if only we had the freedom of that massive expanse of summertime like we once did. If you can remember those days, and long for them, we get it. Summer should be an endless weekend, but somebody has to pay those bills, right? Right.


And, if it seems like everyone but you is jetting off somewhere amazing this month, or is making plans for taking off to someplace amazing, well we’re feeling that too, friends. Are you longing for a long weekend? A trip someplace out of the city and to someplace you’ve never been? Or maybe you’re longing to head back to a place you love? Well, while we can’t actually send you on an all-expenses-paid trip of a lifetime, we can introduce you to Aveda International, and give you the gift of a new locale…courtesy of YouTube.


Intrigued? Hopefully!

Vacation dreaming

If you’re wanting a different worldview or a way of shaking things up without leaving the house, check out some of our Aveda YouTube channels from other countries! We’re used to Aveda Canada (obviously our fave) and Aveda US (because we share a border) but did you know that Aveda is all over the world? You probably did, but because of this, you can also get hair care and style tips from all over the world via YouTube. Today we want to highlight three for you: Aveda Italia, Aveda Thailand, and Aveda Korea.


Now if you’re a YouTube beauty junkie, you might already be familiar with some International YouTube celebrities, but having the Aveda twist is great because the YouTubers are using products you know you can get at Willow, and you already know they’re fantastic.


Some of the videos are similar to what we see on our Aveda channel here in North America, and the only differences are the subtitles in another language, or occasionally the videos are dubbed in the language of that country, and the subtitles are in English. But then you’ll also get local YouTube celebrities testing out Aveda products and sharing their expertise in a step-by-step video and even if you don’t understand the language they are speaking, hair is pretty universal after all, and after a few seconds you start to get the idea of what the models are saying, what they are trying to convey about the product or the style they are going for. It’s actually pretty awesome and it completely expands our collection of videos for style and care tips!


So for those of us sticking around town this summer, let’s take a small trip and get some tips from Aveda around the world! It’s not exactly the same as being there of course, but it’s our little gift to you to shake up your routine at least a tiny bit! And who knows, while you’re clicking around the different videos from Italy, Thailand, and Korea, you might go down that YouTube rabbit hole and learn more about those countries, and file your knowledge away for another time when a vacation abroad is more doable. Hey, anything can happen!


Have a great week, everyone! See you back here Friday.

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