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Think Aveda: Products And Tips for Summer Fun!

Good morning, and welcome to another sunny Friday!


Not to jinx anything, but we’ve been pretty lucky so far with this summer’s weather – especially on weekends. It does look like we’re setting up for some thunderstorms this weekend, but that’s the way it goes when the temperatures rise, there is almost always that possibility.


So, let’s hope the storms – if they do arrive – are short and sweet, so we can get back to sunny skies and all our summer plans.


Today we’re featuring a nice little roundup from Living Aveda highlighting all the Aveda products you need for nearly every possible summer adventure! Their article 13 Must-Have Hair Products For All Your Summer Fun is a breezy look at some typical summer happenings, and what you’ll need for your hair…and more!


Think music festivals, weddings, road trips, and family reunions.

We’ve talked about this before, but it’s worth repeating, that less is most definitely more when it comes to your hair in the summertime. Air-drying is almost always a given, especially if you’re planning something casual like heading to an outdoor festival. (Festival of Friends and Cactus Festival are just around the corner!) Why spend time with your hair dryer when the heat of the summer air can give you just what you need – for free! So plan on products that will work with your hair’s natural abilities for best results: Texture Tonic, Be Curly, Damage Remedy…the list goes on. It’s no fun forcing your hair to do something it doesn’t want to do in this heat, so go with the flow and opt for low maintenance when possible.


For weddings, you’re likely going to want a more polished look, of course, and that’s where Air Control comes in, to keep your hair looking fresh and where it should be! If the weather is as humid as it’s been these past few weeks, you’ll want to start with products that fight humidity, and leave hair fly-away- and frizz-free, so plan on products from the Smooth Infusion line for straight hair, and the Be Curly line for those with curls. Both will help protect hair from heat and humidity – the double threat of summer!


For beach days, you’re obviously going to pack your sunscreen, right? RIGHT? And, don’t forget about sun protection for your hair, too. Sun Care Protective Hair Veil will help you minimize sun damage for your lovely locks. It also helps prevent colour fading, so think of it as your best defense! A large hat also works well, but we understand if you’d rather not cover up your hair. Just make sure to give it some sun protection love too.

We had to laugh at the final summer adventure recommendation, and that is the Stress-Fix line for…wait for it…family reunions! Ah, family. Gotta love them, but yes, things can get a bit on the stressful side, can’t they? Stress-Fix Concentrate to the rescue!


There’s more to read about in the Living Aveda article, so do check it out for other tips for all your summertime plans, and soak up the fun, friends!


Enjoy the weekend, whatever you have planned, and let’s not let a little thunderstorm or two stop us from having a good time. It’s all about, as they say, learning to dance in the rain!


Chat with you again Tuesday, friends, and thanks for reading!


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