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Damage Control? We’ve Got That.

Happy, happier, happiest Friday, everyone! We hope you’re gearing up for a fantastic weekend, and whatever you’ve got planned, make it a good one.

We’re a bit late with our blog post today – call it “casual Friday” or call it those lazy days of summer, but we’re here and we’re bringing you a little assistance to make your weekend, your week, your every day as smooth as possible. Smooth being the operative word!

We’ve talked before about Aveda’s campaign “Know What We’re Made Of” and we have introduced a few of the products this way, and today we really want to talk about Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair, one of our favourite go-tos – especially this time of year – because it honestly seems to be able to do it all.

One product that can do so much!

The details are available here for what’s in and is not in the product itself, but we also want to talk about what it can – and can’t – do for your hair. Wait, we’re talking about what it can’t do? WHY? And that’s a very good question, which will be answered! First, let’s start with the can-do attitude of this amazing product.

Detangling. Yes indeed, Daily Hair Repair is a fantastic leave-in conditioner that you can use on its own after washing or paired with your rinse out conditioner for even more fab softness and smoothness.

It’s also a really nice styling product, to be quite honest. Wash and condition hair as usual, and then apply a small about of Daily Hair Repair to damp hair and style with your fingers – or heat, although we don’t always recommend that when it’s THIS HOT outside, but you do what you gotta do, friends. And with using this product, you’ll it gives a nice, light hold, and keeps your hair from frizzing in the humidity.

This leads us to the next thing it can do and that’s protecting your hair from heat and the elements. In the winter it’s the cold dry air, and in the summer we’re talking hot winds, chlorine, lake or sea water, dust and pollution and much more. Daily use can help prevent breakage and further damage from these harsh elements, something we are all about.

Now for the negatives. What can’t it do? Well, it can’t weigh down your hair and make it heavy and oily. Honestly, it really can’t! It also can’t clog up your hair with parabens, mineral oil, formaldehyde…ok you get the picture, and yes it’s true, we are kind of stretching it with these negatives, aren’t we? Fair enough, but our goal was to make sure you give Daily Hair Repair a try, because it really is THAT GOOD.

Bottom line? We love it and we know you will too. And, we also know that you will love reading more about the Know What You’re Made Of campaign, because who doesn’t want to know what’s in the products we use daily?

So, as you head into your weekend, think about giving Daily Hair Repair a try for whatever you have planned. And, whatever you do have planned, we hope it’s wonderful, friends.

Enjoy every bit of your weekend and we will chat again on Tuesday.



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